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Letters to the Editor for Friday, May 29

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Don’t waste time on faulty search

This letter is to the Schenectady Board of Education from a taxpayer of the city school district. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.
Every time the school board wastes our money on a superintendent search, the results are the same.
It seems the search is flawed, or the school board has no clue how to pick a qualified candidate.
Perhaps instead of a nationwide search, the board should look inward for a home-grown candidate who understands our city and our students.
It seems Aaron Bochniak, our interim superintendent is highly qualified and fits the criteria nicely.
Joseph Kaczynski

Health workers put at risk by scofflaws

I am glad to see a lot of people enjoyed Memorial Day without social distancing and without masks.
As a nurse who cannot work because of lung disease and a father of a nurse working to support essential workers, I want to thank you.
When there is an increase of COVID-19 cases, there will not be the nurses, doctors or healthcare workers to take care of you.
Many of my fellow nurses cannot go through a second wave of COVID-19.
I don’t think people realize how emotionally and physically draining it is for the nurses, doctors and healthcare workers that are still on the front line.
So thank you again for the insult to all the healthcare and essential workers for not social distancing and not wearing a mask.
John Beranek RN
Burnt Hills

Only way to dump Trump is by voting

It looks like the jury will be out a while concerning how things will fall, as the opening up phases go into effect in our country’s recovery effort.
Something that keeps popping up is our president’s constant name calling, ridiculing and misplaced bragging.
The impeachment process was unable to slow him down and so now the voters will have the final say if his second term will occur or not.
I suggest that the voters adopt the slogan “Trumpery-Gate” and run with that as long as they can.
If you asked Casey Stengel what “trumpery” meant, he’d say “look it up.”
Thomas J. Farnan

Stefanik is serving upstate NY well

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been a shining beacon of hope, during the most tragic time for society, in my lifetime.
Stefanik and her staff have worked diligently to get timely answers to complex questions, at the federal and state level, particularly for small businesses, veterans, senior citizens and the medical community.
Elise’s commitment to serving her community, bringing issues that affect all aspects of public safety and the economy to the forefront at the federal level, is steadfast and true.
Those of us located in the 21st and 20th congressional districts of upstate New York are benefiting by Elise’s tenacity, fortitude and ability to clearly state facts, not fiction.
I recommend that anyone reading this letter log onto Congresswoman Stefanik’s website ( to sign-up for her weekly emails, which are chock-full of valuable information during these turbulent times.
A vote for Elise Stefanik in November is a vote for upstate New York.
J.P. Spinelli
Saratoga Springs

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