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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, May 28

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Help businesses survive shutdown

We can help small businesses while they are experiencing this financial crisis. Consider purchasing gift certificates while the businesses are only partially open. For businesses that are temporarily closed, wait until they reopen, visit them and purchase gift certificates. This will help them with much needed cash flow.
Shop small local businesses, they have always been there for us.
Bill Giniecki

Cuomo’s been given too much authority

The Gazette’s May 21 editorial (“Legislature needs to rein in governor”) was spot on, and overdue.
This egotistical governor, Andrew Cuomo, has truly overstepped his authority. The Legislature is not doing the job they were elected to do, plus giving themselves raises to boot.
Nursing homes not liable? They had time to sneak that in. It still does not let Cuomo off hook for deaths; sicknesses caused by a very poor act put virus patients in nursing homes.
Where were the directors of these homes? They just rolled over and said, “Yes governor.” New York City is filthy, plus the state is broke, and Cuomo blames it all on Trump. Deflect and lie. Typical Cuomo.
On May 21, I went to Saratoga Springs and it was great. People were out, there was music on mobile trucks going around the city, Congress Park was loaded with people and children just enjoying the sunshine and a great day. America, now let’s get back to work and stop the bull. Viruses will always be with us. Closing America will destroy America. Is this what all you Democrats and socialists want?
Thank you Gazette. I just had to write this. Oh yes, keep schools the way they are. We do not need Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi or Cuomo running education.
Albert Marvell

Libs keep twisting Trump’s words

Donald Trump has had his words twisted many times; liberals don’t seem to be hearing him correctly. He did not say to inject anyone with bleach, he merely asked if it was possible. Seems pretty far-fetched doesn’t it?
Well the next time you reach for the throat spray, read the ingredients. It contains phenol, which is a very dangerous chemical that can cause severe burns, even death. So, from now on, listen closely to what someone is saying, not what the liberal media wants you to hear. After the election, this will probably all go away. The older people will understand. They’ve seen the polio, yellow jaundice and TB outbreaks. They didn’t ruin the economy over these things.
Joe Statile
Rotterdam and Conway, S.C.

Opening churches puts people at risk

In the May 23 Gazette (“Trump demands states allow churches to open”) I noted that President Trump is demanding that state governors immediately open all churches for services, and if they don’t comply, he will force them.
Leaving aside the irony of this situation, I would like to express concern about the proposal itself.
For some time, it has been known that group singing is a potent transmitter of tuberculosis, and recently the same effect has been seen with COVID-19.
While I understand people’s longing to reconnect with the consolation they find in their faith, I worry that the usual services, which include choirs and congregants singing together, could be dangerous to them and their loved ones.
Bruce Pomeroy

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