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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, May 21

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Who’s responsible for high food prices

A month ago, I paid less than a dollar for a dozen eggs at a discount market. On April 27, a dozen eggs was selling for $3.49. This is gouging, but by whom? Are farmers dumping eggs? Or are middlemen or supermarkets raising prices? And what agency stamps out gouging?
David Childs

Cuomo protecting his friends, donors

Our feckless governor has been complaining about the emergency situation created by the coronavirus — a terrible tragedy and at this point not an easily solved problem.
Many have died, especially the elderly. President Trump sent provisions to open a medical center in the Javits Center. This facility was hardly used and has already been closed.
Gov. Cuomo had hospitals sending back patients to nursing homes. Now in the new New York state budget, there is a provision that nursing homes cannot be sued for corona infections.
The budget should be called a gift to my friends and donors.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

School closures hit working families

While Gov. Cuomo is reimagining education, maybe he could also imagine exactly how a single working parent with school-age children, or a two-working-parent family with school-age children, will be able to go back to work while schools and summer camps are closed until at least September.
Many of these families are behind on their bills right now.
Should they also have to pay the high cost of daycare, assuming they can actually find space in a facility? This while paying outrageously high school taxes, plus taxes going for school aid?
The bottom line is many working people won’t be able to go back to work until schools are reopened. Wrap your imagination around that, Gov. Cuomo.
Timothy J. O’Neill

Where was Biden’s accuser years ago?

I couldn’t agree more while reading Marilyn Vitch’s May 14 letter (“Convenient timing of Biden accusation”), which brought something to mind.
Why didn’t she come forward with this so-called accusation when he was vice president?
Again, why now. Money talks.
L. M. Alfano

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