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Fort Plain Police praise woman who found wallet with $1,300 in cash, returned it all


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FORT PLAIN – The Fort Plain Police Department is praising a village resident who found a wallet containing more than $1,300 in cash and returned it all.

The department posted the thanks to its Facebook page Sunday morning and identified the finder as Donna Bonney, of Richland.

The post did  provide many details about the find, but the department said Bonney found the wallet that contained $1,300 in cash and immediately contacted the Fort Plain Police Department to report the find and turn it over in hopes of finding its rightful owner.


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The wallet’s owner was then found, “confirming all the money was accounted for and was extremely grateful for her honesty,” the department wrote.

“In these hard times we are extremely grateful to see these great stories,” the department posted. “Thank you Ms. Bonney!”

The story follows a similar one the Mechanicville Police Department shared in October. In that instance, a man found a bag full of cash lying in the road and also promptly turned it over to police.



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