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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, April 14

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Trump is best one to lead virus fight

I strongly and tremendously believe that it is incredible, and people are amazed, but they won’t say, that President Trump is the best person ever to deal with trouble. Trump knows who the enemy is and builds strong walls. Trump has been incredible to strongly and tremendously —  in an unprecedented way, like no other administration has done — respond to this pandemic. All hail the dear leader or go live somewhere else, losers.
Anthony J. Santo

We must distance country from China

I hope that the United States sees this latest medical issue as a reason to leave the United Nations totally. WHO is ineffectual and has until today praised China for its actions to control the coronavirus.
These actions allowed millions of Chinese to travel after the virus was exposed.
President Trump is doing a wonderful job in light of the seriousness of this disease and still receives criticism from the Democrats and the press.
Rep. Adam Schiff’s response is not to help, but to have the president’s efforts reviewed by a committee he will establish.
Perhaps the best outcome would be distancing ourselves from manufacturing jobs in China and return them to the United States. It was a terrible decision to off-load manufacturing to China, a country that has world domination in its sights.
Did we not realize that when the Spratly Islands were fortified by China that they were intent on becoming the only world power? As they say, there is only one sun in the sky, and it is China.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

Who will be against Covid-19 vaccines?

We wonder: When a vaccine is developed for the coronavirus, will the anti-vax people reject inoculation?
Jeanette K. Christoff

Wounded warriors need our assistance

I have been collecting donations for the wounded warriors at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany for 20 years. They are in desperate need of new basic needs.
The Chaplain’s Closet at the hospital is considered to be a non-funded humanitarian entity of the Department of Defense, meaning that without donations, our warriors do not have everyday needs.
I have written to every politician at the federal, state and city level, and the only one to help me with my project was Charles Patricelli, mayor of Watervliet.
They do not answer my letters or if they do, which is only 10%, they say they will get back to me and they don’t.
They will walk in parades, but they do nothing for our warriors at the hospital.
Marcia Carlson

Protect tourism with national effort

I was inspired by articles written by Mike MacAdam (“Concern over fate of 2020 Saratoga meet”) and Stephen Williams (“And they’re … not off”) in the March 29 Sunday Gazette.
Thousands of vacation destinations across our country are in limbo, wondering if and when vacation season comes around, they’ll be up and running.
In New York, as opposed to many other states, our governor has been aggressive at attempting to curtail the spread of COVID-19. However, without a unified national strategy from our federal government, resort towns will be concerned with the ongoing spread of the virus.
While non-essential businesses were closed throughout New York, Florida was hosting spring break for thousands of young adults, who returned to their homes without any idea of their COVID-19 status.
Mardi Gras in New Orleans and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations continued in many states. Lack of testing across the country is preventing us from knowing the full impact of these events.
An immediate national COVID-19 response is imperative to help curtail the spread of the virus, reduce the number of lives lost and minimize the damage to our healthcare system, and more importantly, its workforce. A nation practicing the same restrictive measures will help us meet the goal of reducing the curve more rapidly, therefore giving us a better chance of reopening businesses in time for the warmer months ahead.
With a piecemeal approach, this crisis could drag on indefinitely, turning this vacation season into the nightmare we are all hoping to avoid.
Wm. Scott Daly

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