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Letters to the Editor for Monday, April 13

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What happened to ventilator report?

I haven’t seen any articles or inquiries to New York state regarding the November 2015 study entitled “2015 Ventilator Allocation Guidelines” prepared by the Department of Health’s Task Force on Life and Law.
These guidelines were specifically prepared for an influenza pandemic. The study behind the guidelines, protocols and FAQs takes up over 300 pages. Dozens of MDs and JDs contributed.
In a moderate pandemic, the study indicates that New York will have a surplus of ventilators.
So far, so good. But for a severe pandemic, the study recognizes that the state might need an additional 15,000 ventilators in addition to the approximately 7,500 in hospitals and 1,500 in reserve.
Purchasing additional ventilators is dismissed. The solution is to triage.
The point being that without the pressures of time, politics and media hysteria, a plan was developed at great expense by the leading minds in the field and a plan developed that passes legal scrutiny that focuses not on procuring a ventilator stockpile, but centers around triage and palliative care.
What changed? Is the study flawed? Does the governor even know anything about the plan developed by his own Department of Health?
Has he tried to explain why the plan is sound, or has he simply abandoned the recommendations of his own blue ribbon panel of experts and substituted his own opinion in its place?
Tim Connolly

We can’t be selfish with medical help

As we are coping with this pandemic, the local media has been providing a ray of hope for our civilization with stories about people thinking of others.
Unfortunately, The Gazette continues to print letters from nasty, self-centered people are livid about the transfer of both patients and medical equipment.
Most of them are sorely ill informed and oblivious to the fact that hospitals have often transferred patients so they can get the best care.
May they never need medical care themselves.
Polly Windels
Ballston Spa

Need antibody tests to restore economy

As the COVID-19 pandemic crisis continues to cripple this country, I was shocked to learn that the latest jobless report topped 6.65 million. COVID-19 truly holds our country hostage.
Each day, billions of dollars are lost as there are few sports, no restaurants or entertainment. Food stores are barely staying open, but most other retail stores are closed. How do we reopen businesses without fear of re-accelerating the spread of the virus?
We must ramp up the COVID-19 antibody test. This test will show who have had the virus and who have not. Individuals that show a positive antibody should be able to go back to work, and or go help the communities to fight back against COVID-19. In addition, once individuals find out if they carry the antibody, they could be eligible to donate plasma to others who are very sick.
Since there is no known vaccination or medication that knowingly cures the disease, giving some additional antibodies could be the only thing that saves some in critical condition.
There must be complete coordination between Washington, the states and the local communities to distribute this test as quickly as possible. It’s the only way to start to get our economy back and help save some lives.
Hugh Johnson

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