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Aquarium business passing to longtime employee

The founder and owner of Union Aquarium and Pet Services has decided to retire and hand over his business to a longtime employee.

Self-proclaimed aquarium hobbyist Paul Sartoris founded the upper Union Street business 23 years ago. He announced his retirement Friday in a news release, but will still own the one-story building at 1617 Union St.

Eight-year employee David DeLugo will take the helm after 20 years as an avid fish hobbyist. He will be in charge of the shop's 110 aquariums, which hold more than 2,700 gallons of water and one of the region's largest collections of freshwater fish, saltwater fish and corals.

DeLugo has already expanded the aquarium's coral inventory and sought new customers to help maintain the commercial and residential aquarium end of business. He plans to keep a pair of Motoro sting rays, which frequently draw stares, and condition them to eventually reproduce — a "feat unheard of" in the local area, according to the release.

"Buying Union Aquarium from Paul Sartoris is a dream come true," DeLugo said. "The business is solid, the Upper Union Street Shopping District and surrounding neighborhoods are thriving. I'm happy to be part of the continued success of the shop and the district."

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January 6, 2013
8:31 a.m.

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