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Sentimental Journey

We’re still hearing and reading about the winners and losers in the Super Bowl commercial sweepstakes.

That’s the one night of the year I don’t leave my living room during TV commercial breaks, no quick visits to the kitchen to wash dishes or trips to the front porch for firewood. I’d just hate to miss an ad that people are going to be talking about the next day.

I didn’t think much about the overall crop this past Sunday. I thought the mutated Doberman spot was overrated, the Volkswagen engineers sprouting wings just a little too cute. The Radio Shack reunion of pop culture icons from the 1980s was clever .... but the images just zipped by too quickly.

My favorite was one that didn’t get a lot of pundit attention, but had 1,615,535 views on Youtube by Wednesday afternoon. It was a pitch for the Chevrolet Silverado, but you’d never know it.

A couple is driving a lonely highway at daybreak, with the mournful “Don’t Leave” by Ane Brun filling the sound track. A guy in a beard is driving, a woman with a short haircut is in the passenger seat. The woman seems to take such a moment of joy in seeing the sun rise behind the mountains ... grabbing the guy’s hand and holding tight.

It’s another day for a cancer survivor. Chevrolet was hoping to rally support for cancer survivors and the people who support them. It was also a plug for World Cancer Day, which was Tuesday.

I suppose people who have battled cancer — or are still battling cancer — must look at sunrises differently than do other people. Seems like the woman in the ad — I know she’s an actress — just soaks up the beauty of the moment with looks of sadness and hope. Maybe that’s what it’s like when you have a serious disease. You appreciate every moment.

I find most trucks annoying. They’re ram tough, built like a rock, the best-selling truck in America. But I thought the sentimental, thoughtful tone in this commercial was just right — two people on the road to recovery. They didn’t have to be in a Silverado ... they could have been riding in anything.

I hope the spot helps rally financial and emotional support in the fight against cancer. When you think about all the dough people just blew on the Big Game, with private jets, $1,000 tickets, $35 Super Bowl hats and assorted parties and meals ... you would hope folks might be able to mail a few bucks to the American Cancer Society.

That’s what I’m going to do.

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