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Serious about the Series

I’ve noticed some great — and not-so-great — things as the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals close down the 2013 baseball season.

The first point is respect. One of the radio broadcasters on Wednesday night’s game — yeah, I took the radio to the hot tub once the Sox took a 7-0 on television — mentioned how quiet Fenway Park could be. Reverent, even. He said there were no loud musical blasts between outs and pitches, no gimmicks to get the crowd excited about the proceedings.

The radio man’s point was the Red Sox gang is just naturally passionate about the team. Boston fans don’t need these corny and annoying tricks to cheer for the home nine. I think it’s more about respect for the game and for the team’s long history. Maybe tradition, too.

I don’t need any riffs from Black Sabbath or Aerosmith to get excited about sports. And speaking of Sabbath — gloom and doom rockers from my youth — I’ve noticed how many stadiums play front man Ozzy Osbourne’s cackling “All Aboard” intro from 1980’s “Crazy Train” to stir up the fans. Used to hear college marching bands play “Iron Man,” too. I’ll bet even Ozzy gets a kick out of this. He does not strike me as a baseball or American football fan.

And while I’m rooting for the Sox, I’m not all that crazy about this beard look. Seems like half the guys have these bristles on their faces, real hillbilly specials. They look uncomfortable and I sure hope this doesn’t become a fashion statement. I’m glad the beard master, Brian Wilson, is sitting out the Series with the rest of the San Francisco Giants. I expect Wilson’s long, black beard is meant to intimidate players at bat. You kind of expect a guy that looks like him to be chasing you with a chain saw instead of chasing you off the plate with a fastball.

I’m also cheered that TV broadcaster FOX is keeping up one tradition. Seems like every year, they choose one of their lousy fall shows to promote every other inning. This year it’s “Almost Human,” another cop show with a robot character. It’s an old gag, hasn’t worked for the other three short-lived TV shows with the identical theme and won’t work for FOX either.

The network should give the damn robot from “Lost in Space” his own show. Now that might work.

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