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Last of the Summer Red

I continued my adventures with Capital Region Community Gardens this summer. I paid $30 and was assigned a small plot of earth on Schenectady’s Barney Street, a dead end stretch off Close Street in the city’s Vale Park neighborhood. Installed 20 tomato plants around Memorial Day, and watered and weeded my young greens through late spring into early autumn.

I’m bullish on tomatoes. I was not bullish on the early weather this growing season, as May and June rains kept my beefsteak bunch at bay. Tomatoes need sun and heat, and while there were some days that brought both to Barney Street, I think my guys needed more. Last year, my tomato plants in Albany grew so big they collapsed their wire cages.

I started picking around mid-August. My organically grown, pesticide-free — and occasionally spotted and cracked tomatoes — were sliced for cheeseburgers, salads and sauces. I cooked several batches of chili con carne, eliminating canned sauces and just tossing in about 20 big reds, and was surprised at the hearty and tasty difference.

Large sections of cardboard in the garden bed helped frustrate the weeds, but they’ve kind of solved the case. I’ve noticed more and more creeping out from under my barriers, but they’re late for the party. The plants are looking their ages, withered in some spots and wasted in others, and I suppose our first frost is not far away.

My yield was probably about 150 tomatoes. On Wednesday morning, I picked 16 more, all summer red and wet with morning dew. I’ve still got a few dozen baseball-sized green fruits on the vine ... so maybe a warm October sun will do me a favor.

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October 10, 2013
3:55 p.m.

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Next year, try lawn clippings to keep weeds at bay...they take care of interlopers and add nitrates to your soil. And if you or a neighbor leaves them on the street for pickup, it'll save you a lawn bag too.

October 11, 2013
11:48 a.m.

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I shall consider the grass moves! Might start with cardboard and add grass clippings as the mowing season kicks in! Want to make sure I have some barrier on the ground when plants go in, just to make sure weeds do not take over the garden .....and I'm generally just starting to mow around the middle of May ....

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