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The Chipmunk Solution

Chipmunks have been running amok in the back yard of my Albany stronghold this summer and fall. I have tolerated holes in the ground, entrances to tunnels that must surely lead to the center of the earth.

Every time I’ve filled up the holes, defiant rodents just remove the dirt and crawl back home. I wish they were as smart as the king bird of the animal kingdom, the crow. They would then realize the yard next door is vacant and they could drill a dozen holes for a dozen apartments and nobody would mind.

I’ve resisted the “pool of death,” which just seems like a dirty trick. Fill a large pail with water, sprinkle sunflower seeds on the top, and fish out daring and gullible chipmunks who are as dead as doornails the next day. Over the weekend, I invested $10 in an animal repellent that is a mix of dried blood, rotten egg solids, garlic oil, fish oil, cloves and seaweed. Sounds like the stuff they used to make Hai Karate with. Anyway, I sprinkled the stuff — which supposedly creates a truly vile sensory experience for many creatures — around newly-filled holes.

On Sunday night, spotted a couple chipmunks trying to return to their bunkers. They took a couple sniffs, darted around the ground in a semi-panic, and ran off. They enjoyed the blood spice so much, I will try the mix in other parts of the yard tonight!

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