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Losing distance, confidence

Am I the only one out there who has suddenly lost distance and confidence off the tee?

One of the best parts of my mediocre golf game has always been my driver, and now I'm hitting tee shots that look like wedges.

I've lost 90 pounds since last October and feel great, but when I hit the golf ball, it's like I'm a 90-pound weakling.

The funny thing is that when I hit some of my best drives, they look like they are really going places, but when my golfing buddies and I reach the ball -- which doesn't take very long -- we find that it didn't go far at all.

Doug "Shaq" Hopkins, one of my frequent playing partners, has noticed that my tee shots don't go very far any more, and I agree. I used to keep up with Doug, and even outhit him off the tee fairly often. Not any more.

I've tried several new drivers this year, which is rare for me. Although I go through putters almost as often as I change my clothes every day, I've stuck with the same driver for about four years. This year, I tried a couple of different ones, including the Callaway Razr with a senior or "A" flex. It goes absolutely nowhere. I even tried a crazy new drive/fairway wood combo club which looks great, and sounds great when I hit it. The only problem is that the ball goes sky high and doesn't really give me much distance at all.

Golf is definitely the most frustrating yet intriguing game out there. It keeps bringing me back, no matter how badly I play. But it's not as much fun when you can't hit the ball much further than a football field.


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