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Bowlers tough bunch

Bowlers in the Schenectady league Monday night refused to let Hurricane Sandy push them around.

So, despite warnings of severe winds and rain, they bowled in one of the Schenectady area's three Monday major leagues.

I'm not sure many other bowling centers had the lights on tonight.

And I understand why.

What I don't understand is the lack of communication that goes on in the bowling community sometimes.

I checked with all three Monday major bowling centers to see if they were going to bowl, and all three said they were. I was surprised, but I alerted my sports editor to leave room.

We had extremely early deadlines -- 6 p.m. was our first deadline to get the whole section done -- but we were prepared to go back for "another" edition to get the bowling scores in, as well as the NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. We were afraid power outages would prevent us from getting the paper out.

But when it started to get late, I called both Sportsman's Bowl and Towne Bowling Academy, only to find out that both places had closed, and their respective major leagues didn't bowl.

I don't blame them for their decision. It was a smart choice. But a little heads up to us would have helped.

Believe me. I would rather not be here wondering if I'll get home to a house without power, and I'm not the only Gazette staffer doing our jobs late Monday night.

Oops, there goes the lights blinking. Time to sign off.

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