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Beware of errant golf balls

I should practice what I preach.

I'm usually very aware of my playing partners in golf, and I try to stay either behind them or along side of them when they are making their shots. That's the safe way of playing.

But in my league match Thursday at Van Patten, I stood about 30 or 40 yards ahead and about 45 degrees to the right of one of my playing partners while he was making a shot from the middle of the fairway. I was just in the right-hand rough, chatting with another playing partner.

All of a sudden, I got smacked in my left ankle with a golf ball. At the same time I felt the ball hit me, I heard "fore" being yelled, but it was obviously too late. I leaped into the air and did all I could not to scream out in pain.

The macho part of me kept my mouth shut, but I wanted to yell out in the worst way.

Long story short, my ankle took quite a beating, and it kept me off the links today. Fortunately, I iced it down, and I'm able to walk on it. But it's a lesson learned. Never take safety on the golf course for granted, because even the best players can make an errant shot that could hit you.

The player involved was mortified, and I tried to convince him that I realized it wasn't his fault and simply an accident. But it hurt like crazy, and it could have been much worse. The ball hit me directly in the ankle without hitting the ground first, and the imprint of the ball is still on my ankle bone. I'm lucky the ball didn't cause a break.

Let's be careful out there. They say golf isn't a contact sport, but I beg to differ!!!

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