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Are you kidding?

I am furious.

How could the Giants lose to the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-31, after dominating virtually the whole game?

I am sick.

How could the Giants give up an onside kick with seven minutes left?

I am going crazy.

What happened to the Giants' defense that kept the extremely talented Michael Vick under control until the final quarter?

I am shaking.

Why didn't the Giants punter kick the ball away from the Eagles top punt returner at the end of the game?

I am venting.

Why can't the Giants tackle when the game is on the line?

I am devastated.

Why didn't the Giants play well enough to win in the clutch?

I am very sorry. This game hurts a lot.

Why didn't the Giants' coaching staff prepare their team better in the final two minutes?

I don't understand.

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December 22, 2010
11:16 a.m.

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I thought it was a great game!!!!

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