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by Henry Lind

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The hurricanes will arrive

With the beginning of the official hurricane season in the US, we are once again reminded to be prepared for the worst while we hope for the best. Hurricane impacts are obviously not as serious a threat in some parts of the country but we in the Schenectady area are by no means immune – think Irene. The computer models and historical analysis all draw the same picture, and the bottom line is that it is not a matter of “if” but “when”?

NOAA has developed an outstanding web site with a video offering for each day of the week detailing a progression of information. Starting with the basics and outlining what important topics about which we citizens need to be aware the final video outlines how you can prepare. You can and should check it out at this location.

We’ve read about various predictions for the upcoming hurricane season – there are varying opinions regarding the potential influence of the el Niño and the average sea surface temperatures thus far in the season. The fact remains that we still need to think about preparedness before the event happens.

In the age of instant communications, many options are available to keep us informed should the threat of hurricane or other severe weather be imminent. The recent tornado proves how remarkably effective the early warning system on cell phones which was established in 2012 can be. Certainly part of our preparedness should be to make one or more of the alert systems part of our daily routine. Some of these are NOAA sponsored, while others are distributed through private services – many are free, while enhanced services are subscription based. A roundup of the offerings is available here and it will only take a minute to get started.

This goes beyond rotating your tires on a regular basis and can in fact be a life saver – take advantage of the opportunity now!

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