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Out like a lamb?

Only if the lamb were seriously disturbed and antagonistic, but not perhaps what we were expecting.The proverbial description for March weather anticipates that conditions will become milder through the month, but this year March was consistently winter-like. The average temperature was 7 degrees below the norm, and the average low temperature 14 degrees below the norm — not a surprise to most of us. A few days poked into in the 50s, but they were well isolated and quickly forgotten.

The coastal low, which we recently discussed, underwent bombogenesis after traveling slightly outside of the benchmark. Blizzard conditions prevailed along the coast. The speed of the wind gusts associated with that storm set records for several days here in the Mohawk valley, and dropped temperatures into the teens.

The good news is that the ice on the Mohawk departed without much incident. While the warm rains of the last few days of March swelled the river to near action levels, the flow has greatly reduced and appears to be stable.

Are we done yet with winter? The first few days of April have been a welcome change and there is optimism — unless you are in the Michigan or Minnesota where a foot of snow is forecast in a narrow band. Clearly, the cold air still has potential to dig south as the jet stream wanders. That is the beauty of an ever-changing weather landscape — if you don’t like it wait a while.

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