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Leslie Kandell's Tanglewood notes
by Leslie Kandell

Tanglewood notes

A Daily Gazette arts blog
Leslie Kandell covers music in the Berkshires

Slouching toward Pops events

As years pass, I find myself drifting in to Pops with the crowds. Their audience is becoming more civilized over time, and not reviewing is relaxing for me.

"Old Woman's Routine" -- A swimming poem

A poem on the loss of my daughter.

Duet for Cello and Hairdo

Haydn loses to hair at Tanglewood.

"Running Endlessly" premieres at the Bang on a Can Festival

Twenty-four years later, "Bang on a Can," the scrappy New York City festival of "downtown" music, has made it to the top of the new-sounds heap.

Bascom Lodge: Plugging a happ'nin' place

The 1930's Bascom Lodge and mountain surroundings are worth a look.

Knows what he's doing and can still do it

Tanglewood's Friday concert featured Dvorak's Cello Concerto and Schumann's Spring Symphony.

Living with James Taylor

Attending his Tanglewood concerts is not a requirement for feeling the James Taylor Effect.

The off hours of Henry VIII

A quick review of "Music from the Cosmopolitan Court of Henry VIII," an Aston Magna concert for four violas da gamba and tenor in Great Barrington.


You can count on Richard Flanagan to liven things up at Tanglewood.

Picking winners

A glowing 2003 review of Jennifer Higdon hinted that she was on the way to greater things.

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