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Leslie Kandell's Tanglewood notes
by Leslie Kandell

Tanglewood notes

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Leslie Kandell covers music in the Berkshires

The price of ill-gotten gains

Wait. Who would advertise in the local newspaper, selling lawn passes for Garrison Keillor (pictured) at Tanglewood, on July 5th? When the broadcast was made on June 29th? Now that's enterprising.

Why would anyone buy lawn passes privately anyway? Let alone at $25 apiece, when Tanglewood's prices range from a normal of $17 to a grandiose $21, and if it's not James Taylor, they're always available when you arrive. And who would go driving around the countryside to buy them?

Could it be that someone at The Berkshire Eagle, where the classified ad appeared in the "$100 and Under" column, decided to take private revenge on this profiteer. First of all, the name Keillor had a typo that turned it into "Kellior," so right away, the ad was weakened.

And then of course, running the ad a week after the event. Wonder how much that schemer was charged?

Leslie Kandell covers the Boston Symphony Orchestra and other events in the Berkshires for The Gazette.

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