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Worst job? Try the best


Welcome to a the new Gazette blog where you can weigh in on the topics you and others are talking about.

What will you see here? Local issues and personalities. National topics and people. You could see something on a topic trending on Twitter, or a video that's gone viral. Politics and pop culture, sports and local news, the sane and the stupid – all is fair game.

Most importantly, the goal here is to provide a forum that gives you a voice to weigh in. I will. Feel free to call me an idiot if warranted. You wouldn't be the first: I live in a household of daughters.

A mini-bio: For 22-plus years I worked at some other paper in the region as a reporter and columnist, before buying a suit last year and becoming one in the public relations field. The fit was not, um, the best, and last month I jumped at the opportunity to join The Gazette and get back into the journalism game.

If interested, I have a bunch of ties I'm willing to unload cheap.

I couldn't be happier – even if I'm told I shouldn't be.

A CareerCast ranking of jobs lists newspaper reporter as the second-worst job out there. Congrats, lumberjacks, you're No. 1. Via

Reporters have always had long hours and tight deadlines with low pay, but with the move to digital, the hiring outlook is brutal. In fact, between papers shutting down, consolidating or moving exclusively online, newspaper reporter is the only career on the list to have a negative outlook. From 2013 to 2022, the number of jobs are expected to decline 13 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

All true. Yet I can't escape the job offers a privilege few others do: A ringside seat to history in the making. Being back in a press box Saturday to watch Union – Union?! - win the NCAA hockey title brought clarity.

Worst job? I can't imagine one better than being a given a platform to share information, and the ability to see things and interact with people that otherwise would be beyond reach. Being able to talk with – not just to, but with – the community about the things that shape our lives in ways superficial and serious makes it that much better.

So let's get the conversation started. Talk soon.

What are the best and worst jobs you can work?

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