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Main event a close decision

The main event was a tough and exciting fight the other night at the Crowne Plaza in Albany, in a program put on by Ares Promotions. (To see photos, click here.)

Schenectady middleweight Markus Williams lost the decision but none of his bona fides in a slugfest with Jose Medina of Boston. Actually, the fight would have ended in a draw if Williams hadn’t lost his mouthpiece three times in the course of the fight and had a point deducted. In an explanation of the rules in the dressing room before the fight, referees had warned fighters they would take away a point if anyone lost a mouthpiece more than once, so Williams got a break, in a sense, not getting a point deduction the second time his mouthpiece flew out. Some fighters use a custom-made mouthpiece molded by a dentist to fit tight. Williams was using a generic item, and that was apparently the problem. Too bad. It was a disappointing way to lose after giving the fight everything he had. Two judges had him losing by just one point, and that was the difference.

The other highlight of the evening was the professional debut of Javy Martinez, a popular young guy who studies criminal justice at SUNY Albany. His opponent, Calvin Pritchard of Ohio, was not the walkover that well managed debut fighters can usually expect but rather a guy whose 0-2-2 record was deceptive in that he fought those draws with well regarded pros. Javy, who fights out of Schott’s Gym in Albany, gave it everything he had and earned the decision, to the delight of his fans, one of whom hollered at the end, “You’re undefeated.”

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