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NFL Pregame Shows Opening Day Sound Bites: NBC's 'NFL Kickoff 2014' and NBCSN's 'Pro Football Talk'

Here are the sound bites from NBC's "NFL Kickoff 2014" pregame show and NBCSN's "Pro Football Talk." The quotes are provided by the NBC PR department.

NFL Kickoff 2014 on NBC:
Mike Florio on NFL and NFLPA making progress on comprehensive new drug policy and its effects on Wes Welker and Josh Gordon suspensions: “They could be reduced. If this gets done by Sunday, those suspensions could go away completely.”

Rodney Harrison on Seattle’s chances of repeating: “I think they’re going to repeat. I think they’re going to win. They’ve got everything they need to repeat.”

Tony Dungy on Seattle’s chances: “They’re in the best division in football – the NFC West. I don’t think they’re going to repeat…I like New Orleans to win enough games to get that (NFC) Championship Game in New Orleans, rather than here (Seattle).”

Hines Ward on if Richard Sherman is the best DB in the NFL: “I wouldn’t say so. He’s not even the best on defensive back on this team. I would go with safety Earl Thomas…Richard Sherman is a great cornerback, but he benefits from having a strong pass rush, and Seattle plays a lot of zone coverage, so he’s always on one side of the field. To be considered the best in the league, you have to cover the other team’s best wide receiver.”

Dungy comparing Russell Wilson to Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana: “He really does (remind me of Montana). That confidence, that playmaking ability…the clutch moments, where his coolness comes in.”

Ward on RB Eddie Lacy: “He was hurt, and he didn’t have Rodgers for seven games. Eddie Lacy will not face eight guys in the box now that Aaron Rodgers is back in the lineup.”

Dungy on rookie C Corey Linsley: “There’s a name you haven’t heard, but he might be the most important player for the Packers tonight. A rookie center…he’s got to make all the calls, and he’s got to block…Corey Linsley’s got to be big tonight.”

Dungy on Rodgers: “The ability to make plays, not only in the pocket, but use his mobility…this is why they are a Super Bowl contender – because of Aaron Rodgers.”

Pro Football Talk
Cris Collinsworth on growth of Russell Wilson: “When I watched him on tape last preseason to when I watched him on tape this season against the Chicago Bears, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an NFL player make a bigger jump.”

Harrison on Seattle WR Percy Harvin: “(He) is the most dangerous weapon in the National Football League.”

Harrison on Seattle S Earl Thomas: “Earl Thomas is the best free safety in the game…he’s very aggressive, great in the open field, and the leader of that defense.”

Harrison on Seattle head coach Pete Carroll tabbing Thomas to return punts: “It’s a huge mistake to have Earl Thomas return punts because he’s your best defensive player – point blank, period. Why would you take a chance to catch and return a punt, and now guys get an opportunity to take a shot at him?”

Florio on noise factor of Seattle’s ‘12th Man’: “I don’t think you can take the crowd out of it here.”

Florio on Seahawks repeating: “Complacency is not going to be a problem with the Seahawks. They are driven and motivated.”

Peter King on Wilson’s intensity: “Russell Wilson has approached this training camp and this season as a perfect disciple of Pete Carroll – ‘you haven’t done anything unless you win another one.’”

Jon Ritchie on Seattle running game: “This is an offense that is built on angry, unfettered, ‘attack-mode’ with Marshawn Lynch.”

Kevin Gilbride on Seattle offense: “They’re going to be a much more explosive offense this year than last year.”

Ward on Packers WR Jarrett Boykin: “He’s a better version of James Jones.”

Ritchie on Packers offense and Eddie Lacy: “They will always be in the proper play to take full advantage of your defense. Now that they’ve got an absolute road raider of a running back, they’re having a lot of success.”

Gilbride on impact of LB Julius Peppers on Green Bay defense: “The loss of B.J. Raji inside is going to be devastating...the one thing they’ve got going for them is Julius Peppers…that’s the only chance they have. How effective is Julius Peppers going to be? Because he’s the key to the whole thing.”

Costas interviewed Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Following are highlights:

Rodgers on noise from Seahawks’ ‘12th Man’: “It’s a big factor, especially on third downs, with the stuff that we’d like to do that gets hampered by noise…they’re a smart crowd, as loud as any in the league.”

Rodgers on silencing Seattle crowd: “We want to be up tempo, run a lot of plays in a short amount of time, but that gets neutralized if you’re not converting third downs…the key for us is converting third downs, more first downs and opportunities to quiet the crowd.”

Rodgers on 4th-and-8 TD pass to beat Bears and make postseason last year: “It’s a special memory in a great stadium where we’ve had some great battles…I don’t think anything can really touch that for me because I was coming off a very difficult injury…to be a factor and help our team get to the playoffs, finish it off with a touchdown was as good as it gets.”

Rodgers on the art of ‘photobombing’: “It’s one of the requests I’ve gotten a lot when I’m out and about…fans not saying, ‘Can I have a picture with you?’ but, ‘Will you photobomb my picture?”, which is an easy request to agree to…just try to have fun with it.”

To watch video, click here.

Elliott interviewed Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Following are highlights:

Wilson on the label of ‘underdog’: “I never consider myself an underdog. If I considered myself an underdog, I don’t think I’d be here…I’ve always viewed myself as a champion.”

Wilson on throwing less passes than other elite QBs: “I want to do whatever it takes to win…great teams play to the strengths of what they do…I have an itch. Going through college, I threw the ball 50 times, so I know how to do that too.”

Wilson on keeping focus for 2014 following Super Bowl win: “We know that we’re champions. We know that we’ve done great things. At the end of the day, it doesn’t mean anything about this year. The journey is just starting, and we’ve got to try and get more banners up there.”

Wilson on saying ‘Go Hawks’ at the end of every interview: “It’s something special for the 12th Man fans. It’s about them, it’s about our football team, and what we do on a daily basis…so ‘Go Hawks.’”

To watch video, click here.

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