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NFL Pregame Shows Week 3 Sound Bites: 'FOX NFL Sunday'

Here are the sound bites from FOX Sports' "FOX NFL Sunday" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the FOX Sports PR department.

Michael Strahan says the Patriots no longer strike fear in their opponents: "They're struggling to win games and there's a lot of frustration from Tom Brady. On top of that, they don't have the talent they've had in the past. The Patriots used to strike fear in their opponents when they showed up but now I don't think everyone fears them as much. I don't know if the coaching can overcome the injuries, drops, or lack of talent from this Patriots team."


Terry Bradshaw says that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III still is not 100%: "Dr. Andrews his orthopedist says Robert Griffin III is 100% but to me he isn't 100% until he takes off that brace. When he does that, we'll see the old RGIII."

Added Howie Long: "The Redskins defense hasn't played well. They've been in two track meets and that takes Washington's offense out of what they want to do. Their explosive plays come out of their running game with Alfred Morris, their play action passing and RGIII's ability to run the read option. If RGIII gets confidence in that leg, he'll let loose."


Jimmy Johnson believes the Cowboys have a disease: "The Cowboys have the best talent in the division. They've had the best talent for so many years yet have only won one playoff game in 16 years. There is a disease in Dallas. It's called optimistic infection. They'll win a game and all of a sudden they start strutting around and patting themselves on the back like they're Super Bowl champions and then they'll slip up."


Jay Glazer reports San Francisco 49ers Aldon Smith could enter rehab this week after being arrested on suspicion of DUI early Friday morning: "Those close to Aldon Smith are talking to him about entering a rehab facility as early as this week. I don't think I ever remember a time when an NFL player during the season actually entered rehab. This has nothing to do with the punishment that the NFL will hand down. This is concern for people inside the 49ers and those close to him. They think he needs treatment. He needs some help so if he goes into rehab, if he accepts this and goes this week obviously that means he could miss some significant time but right now they're looking at him and saying, we're not dealing with Aldon Smith the player. We're dealing with Aldon Smith the person and the person needs some help. Again, they're going to push for rehab as early as this week."


Johnson has some advice for Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano: "Tampa has a great defense, plays as hard as anybody in the league and they've got playmakers on offense. The only thing is, they've got to play smart. I like what Greg Schiano is doing with this football team but he needs to take a page out of Bill Belichick's playbook. Belichick is the best in the league at teaching situational football. Slow down the practice a little bit, stop the practice, ask questions of your players and put them in the situations that they're going to be in during the game and you'll play a lot smarter football."


Bradshaw on Steelers lackluster offense this season: "Ben Roethlisberger is going to the Hall of Fame, no question about that. He could be the league MVP if he takes this team to the playoffs…is (offensive coordinator) Todd Haley best served for Ben or was (former Steelers offensive coordinator) Bruce Arians best served for Ben? When they lost Bruce Arians they really lost a lot of this offense."


Strahan tells his old team the NY Giants to regain passion: "What they lack is the passion. Whenever I see a guy make a play, he's happy and everybody else walks back to the huddle - get over there and talk to the guy! Congratulate him. Fake it until you make it!"

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