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NFL Pregame Shows Week 2 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'NFL GameDay First' and 'NFL GameDay Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "NFL GameDay First" and "NFL GameDay Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Quotes from NFL GameDay First

- “Peyton is his own worst enemy because he is so confident with his own arm that it’s almost to a fault. That’s what makes him great, but it’s also one of his weaknesses especially in big games…He still trusts his arm more than he trusts that you can cover that wide receiver.” – Ty Law on defending Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

- “He has a photographic memory, he remembers everything. He can probably tell you every interception and every touchdown he has ever thrown. His mind for the game and his understanding of the game sets him above all other quarterbacks.” – Shaun O’Hara on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

- “If Mark Sanchez was playing quarterback last week, the Jets would have won that football game.” – Shaun O’Hara on the New York Jets’ 13-10 loss to the New England Patriots

- “It’s an offense that puts more pressure on a defense than I have ever seen.” – Mike Mayock on the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense

- “I will take Andrew Luck…Watching him last week, he threw the football beautifully but when he decided to run the football, he was judicious; he ran with conviction and he won the football game with his legs.” – Sterling Sharpe on which second-year quarterback he would take on the final drive

- “First of all they need to invent a time machine. They could not afford to let both Ray Lewis and Ed Reed walk this offseason.” – Ty Law on how to fix the Baltimore Ravens

- “He is the only guy that I have seen that can give Darrelle Revis fits. If they can protect E.J. Manuel, he will have his way against the Carolina Panthers.” – Ty Law on Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson

- “When you have a guy who understands all that you went through, you want to play your best football with him on the sideline going, ‘Hey guys this is what I was telling you all week long.”’ – Sterling Sharpe on playing against your brother

- “When the light does go on, this offense is going to be high-octane.” – Sterling Sharpe on the New England Patriots

- “He has to get more carries, he is a workhorse; he is a 20-25 carry a night kind of guy. Expect Steven Jackson to get the carries early and often.” – Sterling Sharpe on Atlanta Falcons running back Steven Jackson

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

- “At this level, there are two jobs you just can’t get off the couch and do: that’s play quarterback or rush the quarterback. Those are the two hardest jobs in the National Football League.” – Warren Sapp on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

- “Where I saw him struggle the most were on those deep throws. When I watched him play last year, I was so impressed with his ability to be accurate down the field.” – Kurt Warner on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in the Week 1 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles

- “Tom Brady is doing things uncharacteristically…He doesn’t have confidence in the guys that are out there. You have to allow a defense to dictate what you do on the football field. When you allow that to change and you go, ‘Forget what the defense is doing, I’m going to allow my guys to dictate what I do,’ I have some concerns about that. We’re not seeing things improve very much.” – Kurt Warner on quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots

- “If I have my best player, I’m not going to let another team take him out of the game so I can throw to somebody else – I’m going to find a way to get my best player involved so they can’t take him away. I didn’t see that. I saw the same formations, same lack of creativity.” – Kurt Warner on wide receiver Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants

- “Jay has the skillset that can fit any offense; big arm, he’s pretty accurate. But the issue is, will he do the little things?” – Michael Irvin on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in head coach Marc Trestman’s offense

- “He looks like he’s playing the strengths of his players. It’s so wonderful to watch Michael Vick have a system where his eyes light up.” – Warren Sapp on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly

- “Nobody else is giving him any more sets of keys to the car. You better drive this car and drive it well. This is your last car. This is the perfect offense for you.” – Michael Irvin on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick

- “What he has to do is lead by example…Yes, he needs to grow up.” – Warren Sapp on Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

- “We talk about stats, we talk about yards, we talk about touchdowns and all of those things, but it’s most importantly how do they translate into championships and playoff wins. Eli, in those two categories, he’s clearly ahead of his big brother.” – Michael Irvin on who has the better resume: Peyton Manning or Eli Manning

‘Sunday Sitdown’ – Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck

Hall of Fame running back and former Indianapolis Colts running back Marshall Faulk spoke with the former number one overall pick of the Colts, quarterback Andrew Luck:

On it being ‘his team’ in his second year:
“The great thing about football is it’s such a team game; it’s never any one person’s team. In year two, I definitely take more of a leadership role, I’m more comfortable doing that but there are so many great guys on this team. In my mind, Reggie Wayne it’s still his team; it’s Robert Mathis’ team, and I’m sure they would disagree and say it’s everybody’s team.”

On how Pep Hamilton and Bruce Arians are different:
“Different personalities. I love working with [offensive coordinator] Pep and I really enjoyed my time working with [Bruce Arians]; if anybody deserved a head coaching job in this league, it was coach Arians. Their personalities are different, terminology of the offense is much different, but at the end of the day football is still football. You have to come out here and make plays, regardless of the play-calling or whatever it is. I’m thankful that coach Pep is here, I think he puts us in a great position to succeed.”

On former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning:
“What Peyton did here in Indy is unbelievable. Yeah, as a competitor you want to measure yourself against the best. I have a long way to go and hopefully one day I can be mentioned in the same sentence as Peyton in terms of playing the position.”

On how it felt that his coming to Indianapolis meant Peyton Manning had to go to Denver:
“I never lost sleep over it or got too geeked up. I never really viewed it as having to replace Peyton; I viewed it more as an opportunity to be a quarterback in the NFL. How cool is that? Ten, 15 years from now, someone is going to have to replace me at quarterback. It’s just the nature of the position. The nature of sports is that someone is always going to be replacing someone else.”

On what it was like to have head coach Chuck Pagano battling leukemia:
“It was very emotional. I don’t think all of the experiences sort hit me until after the season. When coach Pagano was diagnosed with his illness, I don’t think I realized how serious it was until a couple of weeks later. When you go visit him in the hospital, you go, ‘Oh gosh, he really is going through chemotherapy, there is a chance he may not be here tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now.’ It definitely was a rallying point for the team. The best part about last season was having him come back and be able to coach that last home game and the playoff game, so we’re all very, very thankful that he’s back in the building and getting to coach again. He’s a phenomenal coach, so much energy, enthusiasm. We love playing for him and we’re just thankful he’s back coaching.”

To view the entire interview, click here

NFL Media’s National Insider Ian Rapoport

On Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman and head coach Greg Schiano:
“I’m hearing from several sources close to the situation that there is a growing disconnect – some serious tension – between Josh Freeman and coach Greg Schiano. People close to Freeman do believe that Schiano rigged the vote and did not allow him to be captain, but it’s not just that. People close to Freeman say he’s also frustrated that Schiano went public with the fact that he was late to a team meeting, although as I hear that’s not the first time that has happened. When I talked to Bucs sources, they made clear [that] Freeman is our quarterback.”

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