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NFL Pregame Shows Week 10 Sound Bites: NBC's 'Football Night in America'

Here are the sound bites from NBC Sports' "Football Night in America" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NBC Sports PR department.

Mike Florio: “In his interview, Incognito said that in the week before Martin left the Dolphins, Martin texted to Incognito, ‘I will kill your whole effing family.’ Incognito also said that he did not take that seriously. Since that interview aired, David Cornwell, who represents Jonathan Martin, provided some additional context. The actual text message, which was not a message that was typed by Martin, was a photo [which was shown on air] with the message as a caption, which was then forwarded to Incognito, by Martin.”

Peter King: “Roger Goodell has given independent investigator, Ted Wells, all the time he needs to get this report done and to shine a light on the Miami Dolphins. But I’m told it should probably take about three or four weeks. The big factor in the Wells report is that Roger Goodell is going to make it totally public. All facts will be known to the general public. The NFL feels like, if you’re going to shine a light on this, you’ve got to be completely transparent.”

Florio: “As to the suspension of Richie Incognito, I’m told that it is indefinite. But under the labor agreement, the maximum he can be suspended is four weeks. That means as of December 1, after the Dolphins play the Jets, the Dolphins either have to bring Incognito back or cut him.”

King: “Will Richie Incognito be so radioactive that no one will give him a job? I’m told that there is at least one team, a contending team, that will be interested in Incognito’s services… if he becomes a free agent down the stretch.”

Florio: “As to Jonathan Martin, it looks unlikely that he will play for the Dolphins or anyone else this year. It will be after the current season that we’ll know whether or not Jonathan Martin returns to Miami, or ends up playing for someone else.”

Hines Ward: “It’s an unfortunate situation. Being biracial myself, I understand Jonathan Martin, because I had to deal with some of those same issues growing up. As a child, I was bullied and discriminated against because I was of mixed race. I heard some of the guys throughout the league say that Jonathan Martin should be a man and fight back. But for me it takes a bigger man to walk away from the situation. I don’t know about you Cris, but in the locker room we don’t play with the N word. When a guy calls another man of the opposite race the N word, there are no more games being played.”

Cris Collinsworth: “I’ll say this. I’ve heard the word. I’ve never heard it coming from a white player to a black player, or a white player to a white player. It is a given, using that word is a no-no.”

Collinsworth: “This story is still unraveling. To me, there is something missing. This doesn't happen in the NFL without some missing piece of this puzzle, and I’ve heard a lot of guesses as to what that missing piece may be. I don’t think anyone should speculate. We need to let the investigation take place, and we’ll go from there.”

Rodney Harrison: “When I heard the story, the first thing I thought about was the lack of leadership in the Miami Dolphins locker room.... In a locker room, the leaders try to keep everything in-house. They don’t allow issues to get out to the media. They don’t even allow items to get to the head coach. And when something escalates, when the situation escalates, you try to diffuse the situation by communicating to both parties. If that does not work, then you go to the head coach and you let him handle the situation.”

Tony Dungy: “Player leadership is so important. People are asking me, how Joe Philbin could not know what was going on in that locker room? Well, as a head coach, you don’t know everything. My job was to set the atmosphere up, and I counted on my leaders. So, if I said no hazing in the locker room, then it was up to Derrick Brooks, Jeff Saturday, Reggie Wayne, and those types of guys to control it. If there was a problem, then they would come to me. If they were not saying anything, then I assumed that everything was fine.”

Scott Pioli: “When you have stable leadership in your locker room, it’s a lot easier to consider or even bring in a player that has a checkered past, or has historical problems. When you have a guy like Rodney (Harrison) in the locker room, you can certainly bring in a Corey Dillon or bring in a Randy Moss. However, if the player in your locker room is a player with a past like Richie Incognito, and that’s the loudest voice with the greatest presence in your locker room, there is a chance it can crash and burn.”

Harrison: “The biggest concern for me is their offensive line. For Peyton Manning to get hit in the knees like that is a big concern. They have to do a better job than that.”

Dungy: “Peyton Manning has taken a lot of hits the last three of four games. If they can protect him, they are going to be hard to beat. You can’t let him get hit like this.”

Dungy: “Denver needs protection. They have two great pass rushers coming in to town. They have got to protect Manning.”

Dungy: “St. Louis has a tremendous defensive line. Not many people know about these guys, but they are great.”

Dungy: “The Colts weakness is their offensive line. Protecting Andrew Luck has been a problem all year.”

Harrison: “This was a good loss for the Colts. They have gotten to a place where they are too comfortable when they are behind. They think they can just come from behind and win these football games. They need to get humble.”

Dungy: “Jay Cutler was not himself today. Josh McCown came in and gave them a lift. I thought they should have gone to McCown a little bit earlier.”

Dungy on Packers need for a quarterback: “They really need to make a move. Matt Flynn is out there. He has played well for them in the past. He knows their offense. They are down to just one quarterback. They have to do something.”

Dungy: “They fought hard and just out-played the 49ers. Those guys hit hard.”

Harrison on Cam Newton: “He’s playing terrific. With this type of Panthers defense, he doesn’t have to play outside of himself. He can play within himself and do well. Cam Newton is a beast.”


On having Sean Payton back: “It’s like old times. He just has that presence. He would be preaching and teaching. We tried to fill that void, but there are certain things that only he can say, in his way. That was the biggest thing we missed.”

On his relationship with Payton: “There are a lot of times where I can anticipate what is coming. More times this year, than any, I feel like we have been on that same wavelength. I just chuckle at times, when I’m thinking something and then sure enough it comes out of his mouth.”

On calling an audible and explaining the decision to Payton: “A lot of those things are built in… or are things we have talked about in advance. If I do go off the reservation a little bit, he might ask for an explanation. Otherwise, I think he trusts me.”

On being from Austin, Texas, and playing against the Cowboys: “I would be lying if I said there was not a little something extra in that regard. I grew up a Cowboys fan and grew up watching the team win those Super Bowls in the early 90’s. Those were great years. Texas being the football state that it is, and playing high school football in Texas, there is always a little something extra when playing the Cowboys.”

On fellow Westlake High School graduate and current Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles throwing seven touchdown passes: “That was unbelievable. There are a lot of Texas guys out there. I think there is a source of pride there for all of us.”

On Ted Williams and the game of baseball: “My following of Ted Williams began when I was a kid. Every morning before church, my brother and I would pop in a cassette tape called “The Golden Greats of Baseball”. Something stuck out about Ted Williams. I always tried to model my swing after him. Baseball was really my sport when I was growing up. I’d like to think I was good. I never thought football would take me anywhere. I had always hoped it would be baseball, but I wouldn’t trade this for anything right now.”


On playing against Drew Brees and the Saints: “It’s going to be an extreme challenge. He’s a fantastic quarterback. They have a ton of weapons. We are really going to have to be in our game if we want to win.”

On who covers Saints TE Jimmy Graham: “It’s going to be a group effort. The guy is unbelievable. He is extremely fast, he runs great routes and is huge. We are all going to have to rally around him. Everybody is going to share the challenge. If we want to win, we are going to have to find a way to stop him.”

On being one of two linebackers in the history of the NFL to have intercepted both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady: “It’s unbelievable to have interceptions against Hall of Fame players like that. My first career interception was off of Peyton Manning… He came to Dallas this year and put up 51-points. I didn’t come close to getting the ball. He’s an unbelievable player, and no matter what, he is going to find a way to get you.”

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