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NFL Pregame Shows Week 10 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'NFL Total Access Kickoff'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "NFL Total Access Kickoff" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

NFL Media Insiders Ian Rapoport and Mike Silver provided the latest on the ongoing situation involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin:
Ian Rapoport: “Jonathan Martin is back in California living in his parents’ house trying to get better, trying to get back to football; he still does want to play. Martin has retained the services of noted lawyer David Cornwell, which has led some people to wonder whether or not a lawsuit is coming. I’m told do not expect a lawsuit, although if one did need to be filed Cornwell is ready; this is to help with some crisis management. In addition, Ted Wells, the NFL-appointed independent investigator, has been in touch with Jonathan Martin about scheduling a sit-down; I’m told that is likely to happen next week. According to sources close to Jonathan Martin, I am told more evidence is on the way to implicate Richie Incognito as a bully. We heard some members of the Dolphins organization, specifically some players, yesterday talk about the relationship between Jonathan Martin [and Richie Incognito], how a lot of people thought they were friends. My understanding from Martin’s standpoint is that was more of a go-along, get-along situation because he felt he had no choice. After two years of teasing and teasing, Jonathan Martin finally snapped, could not take it anymore and is trying to get better.”

Mike Silver: “I’m told that evidence exists that would suggest a more back-and-forth communication between the two men that would paint them more as friends who said things to each other. Now, obviously there may be different perceptions of how their relationship was between the two people. But it is interesting that the team when they did open the locker room yesterday, even after I’m told by sources [Dolphins head coach] Joe Philbin told his players don’t talk about this, many of them lined up to set the record straight in their eyes and they were uniformly behind Richie Incognito, at least from the perspective that these two men consider themselves friends.”

To view the segments from the NFL Total Access Kickoff pregame show with Rapoport and Silver, click here and here.

To read Silver’s column on the situation on, click here.

On the NFL Total Access Kickoff pregame show, NFL Network analysts Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin and Steve Mariucci discussed the culture of NFL locker rooms. Click here for the video link.

- “I am disappointed in the Dolphins locker room, because the locker room, as I know it, is a place for relief. Your brethren [are] in there to help you. They help you laugh [and] forget your problems. All your stripes come off; your Pro Bowls and your Super Bowls – all that stuff gets set aside. We laugh and joke with one another. The fact that it got to this point, it surprises and baffles me. I keep defending the locker room because it was so good to me. That locker room meant so much to us. I am disappointed in what happened; that someone didn’t say something [or] somebody didn’t standup, or help [Jonathan Martin] stand up, and direct him to what he should do to help himself.” – Marshall Faulk

Silver provides an in-depth look inside NFL locker rooms: Click here

Washington Redskins – Minnesota Vikings Pregame Quotes:

- “They’re going to make a run and win this division.” – Steve Mariucci on the Washington Redskins

- “This second half, they’re going to get back to dominating the line of scrimmage and running the football. I see him getting back to that 2,000 yard number.” – Marshall Faulk on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson

- “I was told by a high-level source we should be shocked if they do not go out and draft a quarterback in the first round of what could be a very quarterback-rich draft.” – Mike Silver on the Minnesota Vikings

- “I don’t blame them at all for signing Josh Freeman; that was a good get. But [it was] too soon [to play him]. He only practiced one week and they did him a disservice by playing him that early.” – Steve Mariucci on the Minnesota Vikings playing quarterback Josh Freeman in the Week 7 game against the New York Giants

- “I never had a rehab with the fans here. When I came here, the fans embraced me; I didn’t have to go through a grace-period. The things they heard about me in Philadelphia, they disregarded. I was always one of the fan favorites from the first time I stepped on the field.” – Cris Carter on the Minnesota Vikings fans

- “I expect RGIII to have a big game…I see him gaining confidence each week; confidence in his knee and confidence in his wide receiving corps.” – Steve Mariucci on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

Quick Quotes:

- “The last few weeks, what we’ve seen is this team 21 points behind have to come back and win, 17 points behind they come back and win – I say that means they’re not vulnerable. I say that means they’re more solid than we think.” – Michael Irvin on how vulnerable are the 8-1 Seattle Seahawks

- “I’m told they plan to work out Matt Flynn…That should happen soon.” – Ian Rapoport on the Green Bay Packers

On the following video clips from Craftsman Presents NFL Total Access Kickoff are available for viewing:

- Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Cris Carter – Hall of Famer and former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter joins the NFL Total Access Kickoff pregame show set: Click here

- M&M: Most Impressive Quarterback – Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin discuss which quarterback they would rather have, Colin Kaepernick or Cam Newton: Click here

- Green Bay Packers Plan to Workout Matt Flynn – NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports that the Green Bay Packers plan to workout Matt Flynn: Click here

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