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Your chance to comment on Pierre McGuire

Yes, I know the NHL season is over, but I love talking hockey.

If you didn't get a chance to read my June 22 Behind the Broadcast column, my main topic was about NBC NHL "Inside the Glass" analyst Pierre McGuire.

He generates a lot of comment on social media, and most of it is negative. Quite honestly, I'm not sure why McGuire is roundly criticized like he is.

Recently, NBC Sports Group executive producer Sam Flood spoke with Sports Illustrated media writer Richard Deitsch about McGuire.

“I consider Pierre to be the gold standard, the position of being inside the glass was created because of Pierre,” Flood said. “His skill set is uniquely suited to telling stories on air. His knowledge of the game and background of every player on the ice is incredible. He is a huge asset. He won an Emmy Award this year for obvious reasons.

“The sad thing about how society is today is there are a small group of people who shout loud and hide behind blogger names and fraud­ulent titles and attack people. They attack Cris Collins­worth. They attack Al Michaels. They attack Pierre McGuire. They attack Mike Milbury. They attack Keith Jones. They are a bunch of chickens who hide behind their Twitter names and attack people. Shame on them. If you want to say something, say it with your name behind it. But if you want to hide behind funny little names on the Internet, be my guest. But shame on you.”

And, I agree with Flood.

So, I want to know your thoughts on McGuire. Why do you like him, or why do you dislike him.

You can email me your thoughts to

You can to post them on my various Facebook pages (my personal page, The Daily Gazette on Ice and Slap Schotts College Hockey Segment), or on Twitter (the address is below). Please keep the comments clean. Any foul language in the comments won't be used.


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July 1, 2013
7:46 p.m.

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We are a long time hockey family....daughters play,husband played for RPI in the '70s and brother-in-law is VP for Hockey Operations with the NJ Devils,so we are around hockey all the time...We enjoy Pierre McGuire.....he has a lot more knowledge and savvy than a lot of other commentators for other sports and easier to listen to than Don Cherry!

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