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NFL Pregame Shows Week 17 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'NFL GameDay First' and 'NFL GameDay Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "NFL GameDay First" and "NFL GameDay Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Quotes from NFL GameDay First.

- “They’re going to come out firing. The Green Bay Packers are going to put the ball in Aaron Rodgers’ hands and show the Chicago Bears how healthy he really is… They saw what the Eagles did, the throws that Nick Foles made on Sunday night – Aaron Rodgers can make those throws.” – Sterling Sharpe on the Green Bay Packers facing the Chicago Bears

- “This really comes down to the development of Geno Smith. If they would make a change with Rex [Ryan], presumably they’ll bring in another offensive coach. That would give Geno three offensive coordinators in three years.” – Mike Tannenbaum on the future of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan

- “They certainly have that possibility. Going into next year, having them both under contract is actually a position of strength. And if you keep Rex [Ryan] and presumably [offensive coordinator Marty] Mornhinweg, that gives you some continuity. Even though [Mark] Sanchez didn’t play this year, he did learn the system and that probably would give them their best chance at being successful in 2014.” – Mike Tannenbaum on if either Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez could be a franchise quarterback for the New York Jets

- “The Saints aren’t the same team on the road as they are at home…Against the defenses that they will see in the playoffs – on the road – they are not beating any of those teams on the road the way they have played this season on the road. Their history this year has told us: they are a one-and-done football team. They will get in and they will get out.” – Sterling Sharpe on the New Orleans Saints’ chances in the postseason

- “The biggest free agent for the Giants this offseason has to be Jon Beason. There is a big correlation between his arrival and that defense playing improved football. Also, in that building, he has been a leader for those guys…He has had a huge impact and they have to find a way to get him back.” – Shaun O’Hara on the New York Giants in the offseason

- “When you can’t run the ball for Joe Flacco and set up his play-action pass game, he struggles. I’m not taking anything away from Joe; he is an outstanding quarterback in the NFL. But watching him this season, he needs the running game.” – Sterling Sharpe on quarterback Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens

- “He’s done enough…Four game-winning drives so far this season? Cam has silenced his critics.” – Sterling Sharpe on if the Carolina Panthers need to win the NFC South for quarterback Cam Newton to silence his critics

- “If they had thought about leaving [Robert Griffin III] on the PUP list, which would have made him ineligible to play in the first six games, that would have solved a lot of problems. That would have brought the temperature down. That could have changed the course of this season.” – Mike Tannenbaum on the Washington Redskins

- “Von Miller wasn’t just getting sacks, he was hitting quarterbacks and forcing them to get the ball out. They are going to miss that in Denver.” – Shaun O’Hara on Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning.

- “When the Dallas Cowboys win, they win with spectacular plays from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant. This is not a methodical offense, a system that you can sit someone else in and have success. They are going to miss Tony Romo.” – Michael Irvin on the Dallas Cowboys without quarterback Tony Romo

- “The thing they’re going to miss the most [without Tony Romo] is the improvisation. We know that Kyle Orton doesn’t have what Tony Romo has, but just buy a little bit of time, extend plays a little bit and make the throws down the field. This is what they need from Kyle Orton.” – Kurt Warner on quarterback Kyle Orton starting for the Dallas Cowboys

- “Can he remain healthy throughout this game? I want to find out if he can finish a game when they need him in the game and they don’t have Tony Romo…Right now, this is a statement for DeMarco Murray. He must answer.” – Marshall Faulk on Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray

- “Defense does not win championships; defense gives you a chance and your offense has to win it for you. That’s what this Dallas Cowboys defense has to figure out a way [to do] today: give this offense a chance. Keep Kyle Orton in the football game with defense and the run game.” – Warren Sapp on the Dallas Cowboys

- “He’s playing for his NFL life, not only his Bears life, because he’s auditioning for everybody…If he doesn’t get the Bears in the playoffs and a quarterback comes off the bench rusty and beats him in his home stadium, you’re in trouble.” – Warren Sapp on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler entering tonight’s game against the Green Bay Packers

- “For Jay Cutler, I can’t imagine the stakes being higher…[Marc Trestman and Phil Emery] have provided him with better offensive weapons than he has ever had; a refurbished offensive line, two receivers with an excess of 2,500 yards [combined], Matt Forte with 1,800 all-purpose yards. It is time for Jay Cutler to return the favor, to beat the Packers.” – Mark Kriegel on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler facing the Green Bay Packers

- “This team is completely built around [Peyton Manning]. If he doesn’t play well, I don’t believe this team can advance…When he plays bad [in the playoffs], his teams usually lose and I believe that’s exactly what’s going to happen with this team. If he goes in and has a bad game, I don’t believe they have enough to be able to cover for a bad Peyton Manning game.” – Kurt Warner on the Denver Broncos’ concerns entering the playoffs

- “Very vulnerable…If Seattle cannot get open and they expect Marshawn Lynch and this run game to run them through the playoffs, they’re in trouble.” – Warren Sapp on how vulnerable the Seattle Seahawks are

- “Over the last three weeks, they showed us they’re human because we all put them on that pedestal that everything is going to go through Seattle. Offensively, they’re just not the same.” – Steve Mariucci on the Seattle Seahawks, who have lost two of their last three games

- “If he can remain this way and play that way, be that pocket passer, he can lead them to a Super Bowl.” – Michael Irvin on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

- “The most complete team in the NFC is the San Francisco 49ers…When you’re taking the ball away and are able to dominate the line of scrimmage like the San Francisco 49ers can do, that’s the most complete team in the NFC.” – Warren Sapp on the San Francisco 49ers

NFL Media Insiders Ian Rapoport & Mike Silver

On the Houston Texans head coaching search:
Ian Rapoport: “Bill O’Brien has emerged as a top candidate with the Houston Texans. They interviewed him this week on Thursday; I’m told it went well. They also interviewed interim coach Wade Phillips and of course they’ve talked to Lovie Smith, but they are not done interviewing. My expectation is for them to talk to Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt; that could happen on Monday.”

Mike Silver: “There is a reason that they fired Gary Kubiak during the season, so they could get a jump on people like Bill O’Brien. I’m told that owner Bob McNair is very much spearheading this process and that they are telling people they’d like to be done by Tuesday.”

On Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien:
Rapoport: “Bill O’Brien is telling people that he does want to be in the NFL; we know he interviewed last year for two teams – I’m told he actually talked to four teams, including the Chargers and the Cardinals. He is so confident that he’s getting this job, he’s told staff members be ready to come with me if I do come to Houston. Penn State is preparing to lose Bill O’Brien. They are preparing a strong push for Bucs coach Greg Schiano; the athletic director may actually fly down to Tampa on Monday.”

On Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano:
Silver: “For what it’s worth, he has told his bosses very clearly I want to stay here, I want to be in the NFL, I want to be in Tampa.”

On the Detroit Lions:
Rapoport: “The expectation from inside the building, including from Jim Schwartz I’m told, is that they will be fired. I am also told it’s a strong possibility the entire front office could be cleared out there. Some serious dysfunction with the Lions, including the front office bringing in players [and] the coaches simply not using them. By the end of the year, the two sides they weren’t really talking to each other.

Silver: “We know owner William Clay Ford was extraordinarily patient and loyal when it came to Matt Millen. His son Bill Ford, Jr. will be making this call; we’ll see how patient he is. I’m told that if they do make a change, they’re going to want offense, somebody who can work with quarterback Matthew Stafford. Greg Roman, a hot name the last couple of years the 49ers offensive coordinator, would be very, very interested in this job.”

On Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin:
Rapoport: “I am now told it is doubtful that Percy Harvin plays for the Seahawks anytime soon. The likelihood is he is out for the playoffs. They face a roster decision coming up, probably next week; I’m told the likelihood is that he is headed to Injured Reserve. It all goes back to the torn labrum he had surgery on in the offseason; it hasn’t healed, it is still sore.”

On the New York Jets:
Rapoport: “From what I’m hearing, there are a lot of positive feelings from owner Woody Johnson to Rex Ryan. It’s clear Woody would like him to stay. Two potential issues. I’m told general manager John Idzik is pushing Rex Ryan to make staff changes on defense – his guys; that could complicate things. Rex also wants a contract extension going into the last year of his deal; it is unclear whether Idzik wants to give him one.”

On the Oakland Raiders:
Silver: “General manager Reggie McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen getting signals this week from owner Mark Davis that he is leaning toward keeping both. Two caveats: an embarrassing loss to the Broncos and Peyton Manning today could change his thinking, and then there is the elephant in the room. Mark Davis and Jon Gruden remain in touch. If Gruden would come back, Mark Davis would turn it all over to him and blow everybody out. Probably not likely to happen.”

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