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NFL Pregame Show Week 6 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'NFL Gameday Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "NFL Gameday Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

‘Sunday Sitdown’: Melissa Stark with Colts QB Andrew Luck & Interim Head Coach Bruce Arians

First on the Field host Melissa Stark sits down with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and interim head coach Bruce Arians for a conversation about winning last week for head coach Chuck Pagano, the comparisons to former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and more.

- “We downplayed it a lot in the week to the media, to family and friends that would ask, ‘Is it going to be emotional?’ [We would answer], ‘No it’s not, we’re just going to go out there and play like every other game, that’s what he would want.’ But it felt like a necessity; it felt like a necessity that we had to get it done, we had to win.” – Andrew Luck on if he had ever been more motivated to win a game than he was last week

- “I have two Super Bowl rings, but this was by far the most satisfying win. Personally, I felt the world was on my shoulders last week. We had to get [Chuck Pagano] that game ball.” – Bruce Arians on last week’s win against the Green Bay Packers

- “We’re waiting for you to come back. When we’re on the field, his light shines onto the field. There are times when you don’t really feel all that pepped up about practice. It’s a great reminder to the players that the fight that he’s going through to what we’re doing is playing a game.” – Arians on the message they are sending by leaving the light on in Chuck Pagano’s office

- “I don’t use the term head coach; I just have an expanded leadership role. We have a head coach.” – Arians on if he feels prepared to take over this team in the absence of Chuck Pagano

- “They have so many similarities. If you watch practice, he has a lot of his mannerisms; his pump fakes, the way he drops back. When he drops back from center, there are so many things that look just like Peyton it’s scary.” – Arians on current Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

- “I don’t think I know Peyton well enough to know if my mannerisms are similar or not…If I could be like Peyton Manning quarterback-wise someday, that would be great.” – Luck on Arians’ comments that he and Peyton Manning have similar mannerisms

- “You’d have to ask the Steelers. I really don’t know…I guess you could say that [I was fired]. I was told I was the greatest coach in the world on Friday, and then on Monday I got a phone call saying my contract wasn’t being renewed. They left it up to me to make a statement.” – Arians on what happened between him and the Pittsburgh Steelers

To view Stark’s entire interview with Luck and Arians, click here.

Quotes from First on the Field

- “He is almost at the end of his rope. Talking to guys in the Jets locker room, they are starting not to trust Sanchez as a football player; turning the football over, inconsistent play. They have to get better play from the quarterback position…They are going to give Sanchez two or three more starts to try to turn this team around, [and] then they are going to go with Tim Tebow.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on how much longer quarterback Mark Sanchez will be the starter for the New York Jets

- “The one conclusion you can reach after four years of watching Matt Cassel [is] he’s not the guy.” – Michael Lombardi on the possibility of Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli looking for a quarterback in the offseason

- “He creates an identity for this Cleveland Browns franchise. Remember, he doesn’t have an experienced quarterback or a receiving threat on the outside. He is pretty much doing it by himself.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on Cleveland Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson

- “I’m so impressed with his skillset. He caught me off guard. Not only is he right now the best defensive back in football, he may be the fourth or fifth best receiver in football.” – Sterling Sharpe on New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie

- “When you’re the most talented guy on the team, you have to show up. You don’t get to pick and choose when you’re going to be a great player.” – Sterling Sharpe on Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

- “When I watch the Dallas Cowboys try to make Tony Romo that quarterback that can sit back in the pocket and just throw them to a championship, it’s impossible. You have to get DeMarco Murray involved.” – Michael Irvin on the Dallas Cowboys’ offense

- “I don’t really have an expectation for the Cowboys [because] they don’t have members of their team that lead me to have expectations.” – Marshall Faulk on the expectations for the Dallas Cowboys

- “It’s not the same old Steelers. When we talked about the Steelers before, we talked about that defense; that when they need a play, the defense steps up and makes a play. I haven’t seen that from this team…This is a team whose offense has to carry them. They have to make the plays. When the offense hasn’t made plays late in games, this team loses.” – Kurt Warner on the 2-3 Pittsburgh Steelers

- “Michael Vick obviously is playing for his contract for next season clearly every single day. They love Nick Foles, the backup quarterback; it’s too early – they’re 3-2 – to go in that direction but ultimately fear does the work of reason. Michael Vick has to be fearful that he is going to lose his job.” – Michael Lombardi on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick

- “I don’t think they’re giving Michael Vick the opportunities to succeed like we want him to. We know what he’s capable of, he’s a playmaker for this football team, but they’re limiting him with the way they’re calling plays…They’re making it extremely hard on Michael Vick.” – Kurt Warner on the struggles of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick

- “If they were moving the ball, we wouldn’t be talking about Tebow. But they can’t get a touchdown, they can’t manufacture anything so we have to talk about what are the ways to fix it.” – Michael Irvin on New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow

- “Are they one-dimensional? They are one-dimension in that one-dimension – they’re worse than one-dimensional. Yes they have a passing game and it’s only [Calvin Johnson].” – Michael Irvin on the Detroit Lions’ offense

Andrea Kremer Reports on Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey’s Return from Concussion

NFL Network’s Andrew Kremer reports on Oakland Raiders wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey’s recovery from a concussion suffered Week 3. Kremer, chief correspondent for NFL Network’s new Health & Safety unit, speaks with Heyward-Bey and Dr. Rick Figler from the Cleveland Clinic about the play and concussions in the NFL.

- “I don’t remember getting hit. I remember motioning down and then looking up for the ball. Then from there, it’s all black.” – Darrius Heyward-Bey on the concussion he suffered Week 3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers

- “I didn’t know why I was giving a thumbs up; somebody told me to give the crowd a thumbs up. I’m thinking, ‘Ok, thumbs up? Sure.’ That’s it.” – Heyward-Bey on giving a thumbs up to the crowd following the hit

- “The day I started feeling like me again was Friday, almost a full week after the hit.” – Heyward-Bey on his recovery

- “Not really. I try not to because I don’t want it to affect me on the field.” – Heyward-Bey on if he winces when he watches the hit

- “No. I have to approach it that way. If I start second-guessing what happened when I got hit or it might happen again, I don’t think I’ll be able to play football the way I want to.” – Heyward-Bey on if he is going to think twice about playing

- “If somebody told me I couldn’t play football or that your concussion was too severe that you couldn’t do certain things, maybe I’ll feel different. But that’s not the case.” – Heyward-Bey on if he has asked about the future effects from suffering a concussion

To view Kremer’s entire piece, click here.

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