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NFL Pregame Shows Week 13 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'Thursday Night Kickoff'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "Thursday Night Kickoff" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees’ 1-on-1 Interview with Michael Irvin

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees sat down with NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin for a conversation about starting the season 0-4, his contract situation this past offseason and more.

- “It hurt. For me as the quarterback, I take it personal. Deep down, we knew there was a lot more for us this season and still believe that.” – Brees on starting the season 0-4

- “There were a lot of circumstances surrounding the team obviously during this offseason with the bounty and with some of the other stuff. I understood that, so there were a lot of distractions. But the fact is I knew I was going to be in New Orleans long term [and] finish my career here. That’s what I’ve always wanted.” – Brees on his contract situation this offseason

- “It hasn’t. If anything it’s just brought us together because I think we’re at a stage now where the public, the fan base – everyone sees the truth in this and that this process was kind of a sham from the start. We’re being accused of things based on rhetoric and based on the testimony of some very unreliable people as opposed to real evidence and real facts.” – Brees on how the bounty situation has affected his ability to lead in the locker room

- “Our destiny, our future – it all lies right there in front of us and we control it. It starts with Atlanta. There is no more important than this game against the Falcons; on the road, in the division.” – Brees on realistic the dream of the playing the Super Bowl in New Orleans still is now

To view the entire interview, click here.

Quick Quotes:

- “Drew Brees has to be Superman and he has to be flawless because his defense is one of the worst in the history of football.” – Deion Sanders on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who has 3,333 passing yards and 31 touchdown passes through the first 11 games of the season

- “He is a walking mismatch.” – Mike Mayock on New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham

- “The Falcons offense will tear this defense apart.” – Deion Sanders on his expectations of the Atlanta Falcons offense against the New Orleans Saints defense

- “The past Super Bowl winners – the Giants, the Packers – all had dual weapons at wide receiver. The Houston Texans have a great one in Andre Johnson, but can Kevin Walter or Owen Daniels step up and be that other threat? That’s where they’re fatally flawed.’” – Michael Irvin on the 10-1 Houston Texans

- “Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, especially in the slot position. He is the chain-mover, he keeps drives going. If he can’t play vs. Baltimore, as well as Ben Roethlisberger, forget about [the Steelers winning].” – Deion Sanders on the Pittsburgh Steelers facing the division rival Baltimore Ravens potentially without wide receiver Antonio Brown and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

On the following video clips from Thursday Night Kickoff are available for viewing:

Getting Over the Hump – In the past three years, the Atlanta Falcons have made it to the postseason but without a single win. Atlanta Falcons players reflect on the last few years’ playoff loses, along with how they compare to the early '90s Atlanta Braves: click here.

Contenders’ Fatal Flaws – The Thursday Night Kickoff crew breaks down which contender has the most concerning flaw as the regular season winds down: click here.

M&M: Which Team Needs an Overhaul? – Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin square off to talk about if the Philadelphia Eagles or the Dallas Cowboys need an overhaul more: click here.

Word of Mouth: Zero Tolerance Means Exactly That – Jay Glazer rants on why players need to stop making excuses and simply abide by the zero tolerance policy the league is enforcing, among other topics: click here.

Ludacris Joins Thursday Night Kickoff – Rap superstar and Atlanta native Ludacris joins Thursday Night Kickoff on set to chat about his hopes for the Falcons to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Atlanta: click here.

Sink or Swim? – The Thursday Night Kickoff crew shows who they think will make and miss the playoffs: click here.

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