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NFL Pregame Show Week 11 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'First on the Field' and 'NFL Gameday Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "First on the Field" and "NFL Gameday Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Quotes from First on the Field

LaDainian Tomlinson Clarifying Comments he Made Earlier About Tim Tebow Criticism coming from the Jets’ Locker Room:
“I was just suggesting who it may be. I don’t know for sure who it was. I know Bart Scott is an outspoken guy and he is right: he does typically put his name on things, as does [Antonio] Cromartie. Listen, I was just speculating on things. I’m not sure who said it but I know there is a problem and that there has been one for years.

“Whenever you lose in New York, everyone wants to know what the problem is. The problem is too many people can talk in that locker room. Back in the days when you [to Sterling Sharpe] played, there were only certain guys who could say something. One message. Now there are too many guys who have a voice, too many guys who speak to the press ‘anonymously.’ At this point, this locker room is just falling apart.”

- “There is only one team that scares everybody in the National Football League, and that’s the New Orleans Saints because they get off the bus scoring points.” – Sterling Sharpe on the 4-5 New Orleans Saints

- “When the Dolphins have to play from behind, [Ryan] Tannehill is really exposed…He doesn’t have that ability to take the playbook the way Andrew Luck has and expand it further.” – Michael Lombardi on Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill

- “I can’t say enough positive things about what Greg Schiano has done in Tampa, changing the culture there. The players are buying in. You can see the excitement.” – Michael Lombardi on first-year Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

- “This is by far the most impressive season [of his career].” – Steve Mariucci on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

- “The Cowboys can be a threat in the NFC period…They have these cornerbacks that can hold down and play with the Giants, hold down and play with the Bears, Falcons – all of those [teams].” – Michael Irvin on the Dallas Cowboys

- “I want to see who is going to step out and say, ‘We are the best team in the league,’ and then run with it…Each week a team finds a way to come back to the crowd.” – Marshall Faulk on Week 11 of the season

- “Joe is a voice of reason; he’s calm, he understands the job at hand and he gets players to play.” – Marshall Faulk on New Orleans Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt

- “I do put something on the head coach. Rex [Ryan], we want to get on [Mike] Tannenbaum – you have to try everything that he’s given you before you say, ‘Get out Tannenbaum’…Let’s try something else, let’s do something else because obviously what we’re doing is not working.” – Michael Irvin on the 3-6 New York Jets

- “A locker room belongs to the players. It’s our sanctuary. Respect it. Whatever goes on in there, don’t let it get out of there…That’s the problem with the Jets right now: everybody wants their voice heard.” – Marshall Faulk on the New York Jets’ locker room

- “Until they can attack the middle of the field with their tight ends or throw the ball deep, Ray Rice is going to continue to struggle.” – Marshall Faulk on Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice

- “A four-down player – that’s what Randall Cobb.” – Michael Irvin on Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb

Front Office View with Michael Lombardi

On how much Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum is responsible for the team’s struggles:
“When you look at the talent on the Jets’ roster, certainly it has gone down over the last three seasons when they went to the conference championship game and lost to the Indianapolis Colts. You start with Damien Woody at right tackle – they really haven’t fixed that problem. Thomas Jones the running back was the starter back then – haven’t fixed that problem; Shonn Greene is not the main guy. Defensively, when you go over and look on that side, it becomes more problematic and lot of it is because of the guaranteed contracts. The way they’ve structured these deals, the guys aren’t going to be going anywhere. They’re going to be on the team, so therefore the talent level has gone down. That’s ultimately the general manager’s call.”

On the following video clips from First on the Field & NFL GameDay Morning are available for viewing:

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