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NFL Pregame Shows Week 11 Sound Bites

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "Thursday Night Kickoff" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis’ 1-on-1 Interview with Andrea Kremer

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis joins NFL Network’s Andrea Kremer for an interview on his rehabilitation process from a torn ACL and the current state of the team.

On where he is at in his rehab:
“Right now I’m doing great. I got my range of motion back and everything is looking on the up and up right now. I just have to continue to keep on rehabbing and go to the next steps. Thanksgiving is coming up so I’ll still be here [in New Jersey]. After that I’ll head out to Arizona.”

On where he is with the amount of swelling and degree of flexion:
“My range of motion is back to normal. I have all of the flexion and range of motion back. Right now it’s just to continue to focus on my knee. I do have a little bit of swelling; it’s going down rapidly but just continue to focus on that. Then head out to Arizona with my personal trainer to finish there with the rehabbing and lifting on my leg.”

On why the Jets are 3-6:
“We’re in a tough spot right now where we’re at. I see these guys when I’m over there rehabbing every now and then, and I just try to encourage them. I just really do as much as I can being one of the leaders on the team. Right now I can’t really pinpoint what’s really wrong because I’m on the outside viewing in. The only thing I can do right now is really support these guys as much as I can and just hope they win every week.”

On the news surrounding the Jets this week:
“This week has been a tough week for the team. A team like this with what’s been going on this week, a team will fold. The biggest thing for us is to overcome everything that’s going on right now through the media, through the losing streak. If we can get a win this week, that would be awesome. It would turn things around, that would give the team momentum for the upcoming weeks to win those games as well.”

On what the Jets should do with quarterback Tim Tebow:
“Those [decisions] are not in my hands. That’s Mike Tannenbaum’s job. He’s the GM and he has to make those tough decisions. I’m happy I don’t.”

To view the entire interview, click here.

Quick Quotes:

- “He sent Reggie Bush a message: ‘You will not be here next year.’” – Deion Sanders on the impact of Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin’s decision to sit running back Reggie Bush last week

- “When he’s good, there is nobody better at change of direction [runs].” – Mike Mayock on Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush

- “He has won the toughest division in the NFL six times; he is a successful coach. If it ends this year for him in Philadelphia, I promise you he will be back in the NFL. He will land somewhere else and he will be Philadelphia’s worst nightmare.” – Steve Mariucci on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s future

- “Last week’s loss by Atlanta [actually] solidified to me they are the top team in the NFC. Atlanta did not go away. They had an opportunity to win the game on the last play.” – Michael Irvin on the 8-1 Atlanta Falcons who suffered their first loss last week

- “The Saints are dangerous and scary because [teams] look at their 0-4 start and think ‘bad team.’” – Marshall Faulk on the 4-5 New Orleans Saints

- “They may not need a quarterback in San Francisco. That’s how good that defense is.” – Michael Irvin on the San Francisco 49ers possibly playing without quarterback Alex Smith

- “If he can beat Aaron Rodgers, and [this week] go up to Foxboro and beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, not only is he a Rookie of the Year candidate, but maybe an MVP candidate.” – Steve Mariucci on Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck

On the following video clips from Thursday Night Kickoff Presented by Craftsman are available for viewing:

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