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NFL Pregame Show Week 10 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'First on the Field' and 'NFL Gameday Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "First on the Field" and "NFL Gameday Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Quotes from First on the Field

“The Nick Foles era needs to start…You can’t go into next year’s offseason thinking ‘we hope Nick Foles is going to be good,’ because remember, they hoped Kevin Kolb would be good too at one time and they were fortunate enough to have Michael Vick.” – Michael Lombardi on whether Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick loses his job if the Eagles lose today.

“They’re not a talented team. They don’t have any way to control the line of scrimmage. The talent on the offensive line is poor and on defense they haven’t been able to put pressure on anyone. I don’t think their talent level is as good as they think it is.” – Michael Lombardi on the struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles

“Rex’s problems are deeper than who plays quarterback. His defense can’t really slow anyone down. The issues here are deeper than Mark Sanchez not being a good player.” – Michael Lombardi on the job security of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez

“His mental toughness and willingness to put everything into the game has spread throughout the organization. It’s made John Fox a better head coach. It’s made Jack Del Rio a better defensive coordinator.” – Michael Lombardi on the effect quarterback Peyton Manning has had on the Denver Broncos

“When I look at Andy Dalton’s throwing, I see a quarterback who I think is good, but not great. I think he is probably better suited for a really good backup role. I’m just not sure he is the franchise guy.” – Michael Lombardi on Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton

“The difference is obviously their leadership ability. Rivers learned from Drew Brees. Mark Sanchez didn’t have anybody like that… so Sanchez had to come in right away and learn on his own. That doesn’t work. You have to have someone, particularly when you are a young guy, to learn from to be a good quarterback in this league.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on the difference between San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s careers

“He adds a dynamic they don’t have - strength, size, speed and agility. He can run you over and make you miss.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on the New Orleans saints running back Chris Ivory

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

“The only question I have for Peyton Manning [now] is if he will win his fifth MVP.” – Steve Mariucci on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

“If he can have success against a tough defense, then we are going to start talking about him like we talk about a lot of great backs.” – Marshall Faulk on Tampa Bay rookie running back Doug Martin going against San Diego’s fourth-ranked run defense

“Doug Martin is an every down back and we don’t have many in the NFL. With Vincent Jackson and Josh Freeman, they have their triplets.” – Marshall Faulk on the suddenly explosive Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense

“The talent of the coordinators [now] fits the skill set of the players. It is a more dynamic team.” – Michael Irvin on the Atlanta Falcons improvement this season over previous seasons

“They are the best team in the league right now. I have to knit-pick to find something wrong with them.” – Marshall Faulk on the undefeated Atlanta Falcons

“It seems as if they want Dez Bryant to be the guy rather than Dez earning that right. Kevin Ogletree is having a good game and all of a sudden the balls start going back to Dez. You are force feeding him. The discipline is what they are missing.” – Marshall Faulk on the Dallas Cowboys offense

“I am starting to think Woody Johnson made the call to bring Tim Tebow to the Jets. Rex Ryan is less willing to use him, as is Tony Sparano.” – Steve Mariucci on the New York Jets use of quarterback Tim Tebow this season

“The Vikings are going to need a superhero performance from Adrian Peterson if they are going to win.” – Kurt Warner on the Minnesota Vikings playing the Detroit Lions without injured wide receiver Percy Harvin

“It is not physically. It is [a question of] does he know what he is seeing and where he should be going with the football? It is causing him to be delayed and not make some of the big plays that are out there.” – Kurt Warner on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder

“[Ronnie Hillman] is a home run hitter and brings a huge threat. They will unveil him today.” – Marshall Faulk on Denver Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman

“To get back on track, they need balance. They need to get the running game going, then the play action pass [works and] then Eli Manning becomes elite.” – Warren Sapp on how the New York Giants offense can improve their play

“It is difficult on everybody, but it more difficult on all the coaches’ families” – Steve Mariucci on head coaches who are coaching for their jobs week-to-week

Front Office View with Michael Lombardi

On the Dallas Cowboys Front Office dynamic:
“This is a semantics issue. You can call Jerry Jones the general manager, but in reality he is the decision maker. He makes all the decisions. Everything is processed through him. As the general manager, he is not studying the opponent, he is not looking at prospects during the season, he is not scouting at Tennessee and making trips. He owns the team. He has a lot on his plate. So it’s reliant on people around him to give him the best information for him to make the best decision. Ultimately, he has to make sure he has that in place. It starts with the head coach and assistants that are giving him the information and then the scouting staff around him. But make no mistake about it; Jerry Jones will always be the decision maker in the organization.”

On the latest with New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton’s contract situation:
“They are allowed to have a contract discussion. [Saints general manager] Mickey Loomis along with Payton’s representative Don Yee can have a contract [talk] and try to clear this up. Contracts are about two things – money and language in the contract. We understand the league didn’t approve the language. There is a lot of debate on why that happened because they have approved language in the past similar to [this issue]. That being said, once you agreed to the language, it comes back to a money issue. Is Sean Payton happy with his last contract? I would suspect he would be. The reality is, Sean Payton likes New Orleans, he loves his quarterback, his team, [and] he has built this team. I don’t see any reason why he would leave. I know the Saints will pay him and he wants to coach the Saints.”

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