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NFL Pregame Show Week 10 Sound Bites: CBS' 'The NFL Today'

Here are the sound bites from CBS Sports' "The NFL Today" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the CBS Sports PR department.


(On possibility of Dallas and Philadelphia head coaching job opening up)
JASON LA CANFORA: Let's start with the situation in Dallas. Jason Garrett obviously has been under duress there for some decision making. But Mr. Holmgren, we recall him from Seattle and Cleveland. Mike Holmgren has serious interest in that job if it opens up according to my sources. He worked with Jerry Jones for 13 years on the competition committee. They have a strong relationship. And at this stage in his career, Holmgren is not looking for a rebuild. He's going for a re-tool. If we talk about Philadelphia, Andy Reid obviously is in trouble. If they make a move in San Diego on Norv Turner and Andy Reid is available, people close to me tell me that he would have a lot of interest in that area. He'd like to coach that team if he were able to. He's from Southern California. He's got ties there. He's got a house very close to their facility. And it's a little different culture out there in San Diego than what he's used to in Philly.

(On possible head coaching vacancies being filled from the college ranks)
LA CANFORA: Let's start with Nick Saban. You’re going to hear a lot of rumors about him. People I talk to don't think he's going anywhere. He's the emperor in Alabama. You can't have that kind of power in the pro game, though Coach Cowher came close. Oregon's Chip Kelly, he had the Tampa job a year ago. He's very much in demand. Teams want to see if that offense can work at the pro level. He will get opportunities. At Penn State, Bill O’Brien has only been there a year. He came close to having the Jacksonville job a year ago…He was promised no NCAA sanctions when he got there. They ended up being hit pretty hard. So I expect NFL teams to call and check on his availability as well.

(On Sean Payton’s escape clause in proposed New Orleans contract)
LA CANFORA: It was done so really because of the succession plan in New Orleans. Tom Benson, the owner, is in his mid-80s. His granddaughter, Rita Benson-LeBlanc, is set to take over whenever he passes away. She's had a very fractured relationship with the football operations department; Mickey Loomis and others. It's very well known in the building. She was suspended last season by her grandfather. That’s what their concern was. And these sides are not negotiating now and they don't plan to unless they get explicit knowledge from the NFL that, yes, we can negotiate. Because under the suspension rules for Sean Payton, there was no contact between him and team officials.


(On Dallas and Philadelphia turning their seasons around and make postseason)
SHANNON SHARPE: I think both owners should have seen enough. Andy Reid's message is now falling on deaf ears. They don't listen to what he has to say. Michael Vick is still turning the football over, and Tony Romo after nine years, if we haven't seen enough by now, when will Jerry Jones ever see enough? But Jerry Jones is stubborn. He will probably stick with Tony Romo one more year. He will probably give Jason Garrett the boot. But I think both guys in Philly are gone. Andy Reid and Michael Vick, this is it.

(On NFC East)
BILL COWHER: In the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys will take over the Giants. After today the Dallas Cowboys [have] five of their next six games at home, and the New York Giants still have to play at Atlanta, at Baltimore, Green Bay and New Orleans. So I say the Dallas Cowboys overcome the Giants and win that division.


THE NFL TODAY’s Bill Cowher sat down with Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano, running back Doug Martin, quarterback Josh Freeman and wide receiver Vincent Jackson to talk about their head coach’s controversial transition from college to the NFL, their 3-1 record in their last four games to reach .500 after a 1-3 start, and whether the Bucs can make a run to the playoffs. Deb Gelman is the producer.

To view, click here.

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