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NFL Pregame Shows Week 10 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'Thursday Night Kickoff'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "Thursday Night Kickoff" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Former No. 1 Overall Picks Give Advice to Colts’ No. 1 Overall Pick, Andrew Luck

Former number one overall picks Eli Manning, Troy Aikman, Drew Bledsoe and David Carr give advice to this year’s number one overall pick, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, on his rookie season. NFL Network sat down with Luck to show him the advice these players have for him, and gets his response to each.

Andrew Luck – “I’ve received a fair amount of advice from a lot of people to date. I prioritize the advice; some advice you let go in one ear and out the other.”


Eli Manning – 2004 No. 1 Overall Pick

Manning – “The players are going to be looking at you. Every player is going to be looking at that first-round pick and see how they act, what they’re doing. Go in there and earn the respect of your teammates and your players.”

Luck – “You feel when you walk into the locker room for the first time that all eyes are on you and you realize you’re not going to win everybody over [and] prove yourself in one day. Try to take somewhat of a steady approach and hopefully prove you are a good teammate.”


Troy Aikman – 1989 No. 1 Overall Pick

Aikman – “I was given some real simple advice: don’t get too high and don’t get too low, because it’s a long year. When you’re playing college ball, you lose one game it’s like the end of the year. And then you realize when you get into the pros that it is a long year and it is a roller coaster.”

Luck – “What Troy is saying, I sympathize with completely. There is still a whole half of a season to play and you feel like you’ve already gone through a full college season. I’ve definitely felt the emotional high of a great victory and come back a week later and play like a complete dud…I wish maybe I had heeded more of that advice early on in the process, but I also realize it’s something you learn through experience.”


Drew Bledsoe – 1993 No. 1 Overall Pick

Bledsoe – “You have to realize that if you’re going to come in and number 18 is leaving the Colts, you’re never going to live up to Peyton Manning’s standards.”

Luck – “If I woke up every morning trying to compare myself to Peyton and what he did, I would go crazy. I’d never reach those goals. As a quarterback in the NFL, you realize you’re always going to be replacing someone, and someone is eventually going to replace you. That’s something I’ve tried to take to heart. Maybe I’m a little naïve or ignorant to what’s going on around me, but they say ignorance is bliss sometimes. It holds true in this case.”

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Indianapolis Colts Discuss Head Coach Chuck Pagano:

NFL Network’s Steve Cyphers sat down with Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne, linebackers Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, defensive end Cory Redding, and interim head coach Bruce Arians to discuss head coach Chuck Pagano’s battle with leukemia and the inspiration they draw from him.

- “It really hit to my core. Before he’s my coach, he’s my friend.” –Cory Redding on the announcement that Colts head coach Chuck Pagano had leukemia

- “It affects everybody so when he gets good news, we all get good news and we feel it.” – Dwight Freeney

- “Just to see coach come from out of the back room shadows almost like an angel walked through the middle of the locker room.” – Robert Mathis on Pagano’s speech after the team’s win against the Miami Dolphins

- “I’m getting goosebumps now just thinking about his presence and just to see him fight the way he fights. Short of breath when he talks, but he’s still strong.” – Redding

- “He put everything into perspective, made you basically tell yourself, ‘Why not go out there and give it everything you got, not knowing that tomorrow the thing that you’re doing, that you love, whatever that may be, can get snatched away from you?’” – Reggie Wayne

- “He and I have a hope that he’ll come out of the tunnel December 30 for our last home game coaching the team.” – Bruce Arians on Pagano’s possible return to coaching

Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew Interview with NFL Network’s Stacey Dales:

On his reactions to Jaguars owner Shahid Khan’s comments earlier this week:
“We’re all embarrassed [by the way the season has gone]. It’s part of the game as well. We try as hard as we can in practice, we’re practicing great; we just have to find a way to transfer it to the field. We play great in the majority of the game; it just somehow slips away from us. We have to figure out how to get a ‘don’t blink’ mentality, and we’ve been working on that. As a new team that’s been put together with a new staff, there are going to be some growing pains. We’re just going to keep working.”

On when he will be back on the field:
“It’s tough to say right now. As soon as I can get out of this boot I’ll be able to tell. It’s just one of those injuries you have to wait and see until it fully heals. Hopefully here in the near future.”

To view the entire interview with Jones-Drew, click here.

Quick Quotes:

- “He has the potential to rival the best quarterbacks in the league because he can do so many different things.” – Kurt Warner on Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck

- “With the responsibility [of playing for head coach Chuck Pagano], there won’t be a letdown.” – Kurt Warner on the 5-3 Indianapolis Colts

- “Some people are going to interview him for head coaching jobs for the job he has done not just as the playcaller on offense, but also how he’s handled this team thus far.” – Marshall Faulk on Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Bruce Arians

- “There isn’t anybody that makes the guys around them better [more] than Peyton Manning.” – Kurt Warner on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

- “What disappoints more than anything is I look at both sides of the ball and nobody is playing well; you can’t hang your hat on the defense, you can’t hang your hat on the offense, Michael Vick is struggling – they’re struggling across the board.” – Kurt Warner on the 3-5 Philadelphia Eagles

- “It bothers me when guys who don’t touch the football on an every down basis or can really put his stamp on the game and cause a team to win games, start guaranteeing games.” – Marshall Faulk on New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie’s guarantee they will make the playoffs

- “The [players] know if he is good before the coaches and general manager know.” – Steve Mariucci on franchise quarterbacks

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