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NFL Pregame Show Week 14 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'First on the Field' and 'NFL Gameday Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "First on the Field" and "NFL Gameday Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s interview with Steve Mariucci:

On if he is not considered for NFL Rookie of the Year, will it be disappointing:
- “From my competitive side, definitely. I want to be great. I want to be one of the people a 100 years from now, everyone talks about. That is the way I treat every single day. Another thing that motivates me is everyone who said I was too short. It is not necessarily for me, it is for quarterbacks down the round who are 5’11’’. People have said ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that’. It motivates me a little bit, not necessarily for me, but for the generations to come.”

On earning the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback job:
- “In this league it is all about preparation. You have to prepare the right way, have a great attention to detail. The biggest thing was just getting here early in the morning, leaving late and just getting ready. I love football… I have all the self confidence in the world [and] I am a self motivator.”

On if he feels he is competing against the five quarterbacks drafted ahead of him:
- “When I have that opportunity to get out on the field, I think about that kind of stuff. When I get out to practice, I think about ‘how can I get that edge?’ I have a lot of respect of those guys - very talented players - but at the same time, I am trying to be the best one.”

On if his career should be connected to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III:
- “I think so, I hope so. At the same time, I want to separate myself.”

To view the entire interview with Wilson, visit here.

Quotes from First on the Field

- “I have no idea to be honest with you.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on why New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is starting today at Jacksonville

- “This is pretty easy to figure out if you follow the money. There is no getting out of this contract. The money is going to dictate who the Jets quarterback is. Mark Sanchez is the Jets quarterback.” – Michael Lombardi on the New York Jets quarterback situation

- “When the ball gets in Dez Bryant’s hands, he is one of the top five players in the National Football League. He is truly the enigma player. When you see him play like he has the past two weeks, you say ‘Why can’t he play like that all the time?’ For the next four weeks the Cowboys are going to need him at a high level.” – Michael Lombardi on Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant

- “DeMarco Murray is very important to this team. I asked him if he was healthy, he said ‘No, I’m not healthy but I’m going to play. This team needs me.’ He creates identity and attitude for the Cowboys.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray who returned last week after missing the previous six games with an injury

- “Joe Flacco may not be an elite quarterback in everyone’s mind but that contract is going to be elite. He is going to get paid. He would be very difficult for Baltimore to replace.” – Michael Lombardi on Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco

- “The last five games, Christian Ponder has averaged five yards per passing attempt. That isn’t going to cut it. Right now, he is a check down passer.” – Michael Lombardi on the recent performance of Minnesota quarterback Christian Ponder

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

- “The Cincinnati Bengals deserve to be overlooked. In the last 20 years, they have won the [division] twice. [However], they can change their [perception]. They are playing their best football and their last two games are against Pittsburgh and Baltimore.” – Marshall Faulk on if the Cincinnati Bengals should be considered serious contenders for the playoffs following their four-game winning streak

- “Adrian Peterson is leaner, stronger, and faster than any other year. The rehab made him focus on his body. [Also], he is a smarter runner. I have seen him run out of bounds and when that second defender comes… he gets down.” – Marshall Faulk on the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson

- “Peyton Manning is the MVP of the league. He didn’t know how he would respond [returning from injury], let alone learn the new players around him. He has been incredible.” – Michael Irvin on the resurgence of quarterback Peyton Manning after he missed the 2011 season with a neck injury and playing his first year with the Denver Broncos

- “It is the best team Peyton Manning has ever played with.” – Marshall Faulk on the Denver Broncos. The Broncos defense is ranked third overall, while the offense is ranked fourth overall.

- “A month from now, we are going to look back at that win with Charlie Batch and say how huge that was beating the Ravens. Ben Roethlisberger’s [return ] gives the Steelers confidence on both sides of the ball that they can win out.” – Steve Mariucci on the Pittsburgh Steelers who are in the midst of the AFC playoff picture with a 7-5 record

- “They are brilliant. There is no limit to what you can teach them.” – Steve Mariucci on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

- “He is mature beyond his years.” – Steve Mariucci on what he took away from the interview with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

Front Office View with Michael Lombardi

On the issues with the San Diego Chargers offense:
“Their weakness in the offensive line affects everything they do. At left tackle, when they lost Marcus McNeil, a pro bowl left tackle, they got Jared Gaither off the waiver wire from the Kansas City Chiefs and it helped their offense come back to life. Now, they have to play rookie free agent Michael Harris there; it becomes difficult. They have lost some very talented players on the offensive line and that affects Phillip Rivers’ security, protection, belief he is going to be protected and everything trickles down. It is going to be a major undertaking to repair that offensive line in San Diego, to give Phillip Rivers that comfort and protection he needs to play well.”

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