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NFL Pregame Show Week 14 Sound Bites: CBS' 'The NFL Today'

Here are the sound bites from CBS Sports' "The NFL Today" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the CBS Sports PR department.


To view the video, click here.

SHANNON SHARPE: Often we sit up here at this desk and talk about NFL players and DUIs. Josh Brent upped the ante because through his careless and reckless behavior, this was not an accident. This was careless and reckless behavior [that] cost a teammate and a friend his life. Now this is a young man who had a DUI in 2009 [and] served time. You would have thought he would have learned his lesson. Clearly he did not get the point. At what point in time do you stop thinking this can't happen to me? I won't be the guy that this happens to. An accident is if you're in the shopping mall or the grocery store and your car accidentally bumps someone. That's an accident. But when you're careless, when you’re reckless with no blatant disregard… He's forever changed two people's lives. Jerry Brown, his family will never be able to talk to him and see this young man again. He has probably cost himself an NFL career and some time in the penitentiary. But it's his own fault. I'm sorry. I don't want to come off as being insensitive because I am sensitive to the family of Jerry Brown. And I read his (Brent) statement. He said how he's grieving. But imagine what this young man's mother, his father, his brother and sister. Imagine the grief that they have forever and ever.

BILL COWHER: The only thing I'll say about this too is the fact that our league has been doing a lot about the safety of young people on the roads. They have to make a no‑tolerance policy. I'm telling you, the first time there has to be suspensions. It is the only way you'll get the message through. Because the only hammer you have is playing time. Fines won't get it done. There should be an automatic two‑game suspension on the first DUI.

DAN MARINO: Jerry Brown is the victim in this case…If there is a lesson to be learned here, it’s that you don't get into a car with someone that's been drinking. You've got to learn from this situation in life.

BOOMER ESIASON: I appreciate what Shannon said here. It's all about personal responsibility. The NFLPA has a toll free number that players can use to call in cases like this so this doesn't happen. We have two people that are dead in a week's time. It really comes back to the personal responsibility of those people who are responsible for those deaths. I think that Josh Brent is going to be spending a lot of time in jail, as Shannon said, and he's going to have a lot of time to think about this.


JAMES BROWN: This has been a harrowing eight days in the National Football League. We've witnessed a series of events that have cast the harsh spotlight on a pair of major societal issues. Alcohol abuse, which yesterday as we've talked about, needlessly claimed the life of a young Dallas Cowboy player, and domestic violence. Women typically take the lead in cause-related efforts, so this is a call to us men for more of us to get off the sidelines and become meaningfully engaged in helping to change this ugly,
painful situation. Right now, three women-per-day on average are being killed by their husbands or boyfriends. This means that since Kasandra Perkins’ death last Saturday, at least 21 more women have met the same fate. Respecting and valuing women would seem to be a no-brainer. But profane language in music, the locker room or anywhere else that degrades and devalues women can contribute to attitudes and beliefs that are destructive and potentially violent. A 2006 study demonstrated that with proper coaching and leadership, teenagers can successfully change their attitudes and behaviors towards women. So why can't more of us
grown men do that as well? Three more women will pay with their lives today, and they don't have to. I certainly pray that we men are fed up enough or are hurt enough to want to do and say more about these critical issues. Because right now, the silence is deadly.


Excerpts from Anthony Hargrove’s live, exclusive interview with James Brown on the set of THE NFL TODAY. To view the video, click

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