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NFL Pregame Show Week 13 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'First on the Field' and 'NFL Gameday Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "First on the Field" and "NFL Gameday Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Quotes from First on the Field

- “No, they can’t go back to Alex Smith…The 49ers have now shown they believe they can win a Super Bowl with Colin Kaepernick and that’s not the case with Alex Smith. Now, Alex Smith doesn’t trust the organization [and] he doesn’t trust Jim Harbaugh.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on if the San Francisco 49ers can go back to Alex Smith if Colin Kaepernick struggles

- “Alex Smith doesn’t need Dr. Phil to come in.” – Michael Lombardi on the current state of mind of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith

- “J.J. Watt is the most dominant defender in the league. This year is setting up for a co-MVP but both [Peyton Manning and Tom Brady] won’t win it.” – Sterling Sharpe on potential MVP candidates

- “Chip Kelly is going to be the number one guy. He is the prettiest girl in the school.” – Michael Lombardi on the number one choice of teams looking for a head coach this offseason

- “Teams that have quarterbacks are going to do the old Stephen Stills song ‘Love the one you’re with.’ It will be hard for teams looking for a new quarterback to find a replacement.” – Michael Lombardi on where teams who are looking for a new quarterback this offseason will find those players

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

- “Everybody is playing hard for him. [Jim Harbaugh] risks something if he doesn’t play this kid right now.” – Michael Irvin on how much risk comes with the decision to start Colin Kaepernick at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers

- “They are a team that feels like they need to score on every drive…Until they can get some defensive [players back] and can get some stops, they’re not going to run the football.” – Marshall Faulk on how the Green Bay Packers can fix their running game

- “The reason they have five losses on the road is because they don’t finish football games…It’s coming down to the last possession, whether it’s a two-minute drill or a four-minute drill on either side of the ball. They’re not succeeding at the end of a game.” – Steve Mariucci on the Seattle Seahawks’ struggles playing on the road

- “They are a number of good teams out there, teams with good records but I’m not sure there is any team that is as dominant as what we see from the New England Patriots in the fact that they can score points at will.” – Kurt Warner on the New England Patriots

- “[Ben Roethlisberger] can’t be out as much. Your health cannot be a question and that’s why they can’t overcome it.” – Marshall Faulk on if the Pittsburgh Steelers can overcome their issues

- “He can definitely be a great player. He has all of the tools but he has to do it mentally. Once you have the mental part, the rest of it flows.” – Warren Sapp on Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

Interview with Kansas City Chiefs Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt

NFL Network’s Randy Moss spoke with Kansas City Chiefs Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt about the decision to play today’s game:

On what went into making the decision to play today’s game:
“As we were having the discussions with the league office yesterday on that subject, I decided to leave it up to the team. I called coach [Romeo] Crennel and asked him to call the captains and see what they thought the right decision was. So he called the six team captains who had heard from their teammates and they unanimously believed that the right decision was to go forward with the game. That’s how we made the decision. It was really a team and coaching staff decision.”

On the team’s current state of mind:
“I spent the evening last night with the team at the hotel. I wanted to be there with them, to tell them that I love them, to tell them that I know they’re going through a hard time. We do have a lot of guys who are really hurting. There were a lot of players and coaches who were very close to Jovan [Belcher] and Kasandra [Perkins], who was the victim, and they’re suffering right now. I told them there is not a lot that I can say to you other than we’re a family and we have to pull together right now and support each other. They’re going to come out here and they’re going to give it their best today, but I don’t think anybody would fault them for being distracted.”

On how he expects the fans to react to the situation:
“Our fans and really the entire NFL community have been incredibly supportive. The outpouring of support from folks across the league has been tremendous and I think our fans will be supportive as well. They understand what a difficult situation this is for our coaching staff, particularly the members of the coaching staff who were present yesterday when Jovan took his life, as well as the team. We have a lot of young players on this team and they’ve never had to deal with something like this. I think our fans will be supportive and help the guys get through the day.”

To view the entire interview, click here.

Front Office View with Michael Lombardi

On if the San Diego Chargers would think about replacing quarterback Philip Rivers:
“They certainly have to make plans based on the way he’s played the last two seasons, but that life for after Philip Rivers may be much more difficult because they’re better off rehabilitating him than they are trying to replace him. The reality is there are not enough good quarterbacks to go around for all of the teams that need quarterbacks. What they need to do, and it starts upfront: offensive line. Get a better offensive line. When he had the left tackle, whether it was Marcus McNeill or Jared Gaither, he was able to have protection and feel comfortable. But right now, Philip Rivers isn’t comfortable in the pocket. He’s not playing to the level we remember two years ago which has to be concerning. If there are changes in San Diego, which many suspect there will be, certainly Philip Rivers is part of those changes. But I’m not sure that will happen.”

On where he stands on quarterback Christian Ponder being the long-term solution for the Minnesota Vikings:
“I’m really in the uncertain category because there are moments where he has played well, but there are moments – and too many of those moments – where he hasn’t. Is it because Percy Harvin is not on the field? Everybody says you want a young quarterback to develop? Get a great running back behind him and give him the football. They have that with Adrian Peterson. But unfortunately there are no outside weapons in Minnesota. His play within the structure has not been very good. So if you’re Rick Spielman, the general manager of the Minnesota Vikings, you have to be concerned because right now Christian Ponder hasn’t developed to the level that he was earlier season, especially on the road.”

On the following video clips from First on the Field & NFL GameDay Morning are available for viewing:

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