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NFL Pregame Show Week 13 Sound Bites: CBS' 'The NFL Today'

Here are the sound bites from CBS Sports' "The NFL Today" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the CBS Sports PR department.


JAMES BROWN: We want to take a moment to recap the story out of Kansas City. The game between the Panthers and Chiefs will go on as scheduled with a moment of silence for victims of domestic violence. Yesterday, Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins. Belcher then went to the Chiefs facility at Arrowhead Stadium where he took his own life. We all know that never is domestic violence, never is that acceptable.

BOOMER ESIASON: You mentioned at the top of the show that I knew Javon back in 2005. He's a local kid from West Babylon (Long Island) High School. Just yesterday I was having lunch when I saw it on television. I was blown away by this thing. I can't even imagine how his teammates, his friends can go on that football field today and play against the Carolina Panthers. Their hearts have to be heavy for Kasandra because they knew her, and to try to understand something like this.

SHANNON SHARPE: To see something so tragic, so sudden, so unexpected. How do you deal with that? There is no playbook. There is no itinerary to tell you how to cope with this and move forward. I believe the Kansas City Chiefs will play very emotional today. I believe they'll play this game with this young man in their mind and in their hearts. I believe they will do something they haven't done in quite a while. I believe they win this ballgame.

BILL COWHER: I'll say this as a way of putting everything in perspective, and I think something like this, if I'm the head coach, I'm saying we have a lot to be thankful for. And right now look beside you at the people that you are with, and just make sure that something like this, as tragic as it is, maybe there is a lesson in life that we all need to sit back, and make sure that we value the things that are really important in life. I think they go out there and play this game, they will play loose. They will play with a sense of purpose. And it's not just for Javon. It's for the city of Kansas City.

DAN MARINO: It's mind boggling to me that this actually happened. As far as having a baby now that's not going to have a mother or father. Just the whole circumstances, and as a player, I guess you have to look at it and say, you know what, I'm a football player. It's what I do. I'm going to go out, give my best effort regardless of what the circumstances were. I'm going to be a professional, play hard and try to win the game for the Kansas City Chiefs and their organization.

JAMES BROWN: Violence is never the answer. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that a young lady lost her life and that men have a role to play in this. And hopefully we can help change that radically.


(On Detroit’s Titus Young)
JASON LACANFORA: He's not playing today. He’s inactive, a coaching’s decision. There was some talk about him putting himself intentionally in wrong positions and running wrong routes. [I] talked to a team source who says they're not intending to cut him in the near future. He could be inactive for a few games moving forward. But they just want to gauge him on and off the field. They're not worried about how he's interacting with teammates right now. They just want to see can they trust him down the stretch?

BILL COWHER: Wouldn't even be in the building. If everything they said is true, he wouldn't be on the team…Accountability.

SHANNON SHARPE: You’ve seen this occur before. They went through instances with him last year. At what point in time do they move on? And at what point in time does he get it that he needs to be a professional at all times?


Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach and THE NFL TODAY’s Bill Cowher previews the key AFC North rivalry game between the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens by visiting the city where he once coached. Jeff St. Arromand is the producer. To view the video, click here.


There are no super teams in the NFL this year, just a handful of very good teams. There are pretenders, contenders and one team to beat. You can't call the Chicago Bears a contender when they're not even the best team in their own division. They don't beat Green Bay with Jay Cutler, and they won't beat anyone without him – pretender.

So much to like about the Texans, a game-breaking running back in Arian Foster, a game changing pass rusher in J.J. Watt, but a defense that's hemorrhaging that just made Chad Henne look like John Elway –pretender.

The Broncos are a force because Von Miller is a freak. And if they can get to the second round with Tim Tebow playing quarterback, think how far they'll get with a quarterback playing quarterback – contender.

As usual, with the Patriots, it's time Tom Brady, and his tight ends and a bunch of ghosts on defense. Their window has already slammed shut. They just don't know it – pretender.

I asked Aaron Rodgers if his team is Super Bowl good. He said not yet. He’s right. He's the best player in the game, but even he can't win a Super Bowl lying on his back. Not yet, not this year – pretender.

As for the quarterback issue in San Francisco, Jim Harbaugh can start himself, for all I care. As long as he starts Willis, Bowman, Smith and Smith on defense, nobody wants any part of the dudes in gold helmets –


The Atlanta Falcons haven't shown up for a playoff game in the last two years. This year they finally ball- up because they finally D-up, ask Drew Brees – contender.

I love Ray Rice converting a fourth-and-29 for the Ravens. I hate that he needed it to beat the Chargers. Joe Flacco's mojo doesn't travel – pretender.

If I have to call my shot, I'm calling it on the 7‑4 snake in the grass, New York Giants. Nobody in sports flips the switch like the G-men. Get to January and ride or die with Eli, his freaky wide-outs and the QB killers on the D‑line. If I'm rolling with one team, I'm getting behind Big Blue.

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