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NFL Pregame Show Week 11 Sound Bites: CBS' 'The NFL Today'

Here are the sound bites from CBS Sports' "The NFL Today" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the CBS Sports PR department.


THE NFL TODAY’s Shannon Sharpe previews the San Diego Chargers-Chicago Bears game by sitting down with Bears lineman Brian Urlacher to talk about the streaking Bears and whether he can lead his team back to the NFC Championship game and further.

SHARPE: Are the Lions a dirty team?

URLACHER: They play to the echo of the whistle. They don’t get flagged a lot for it. If they get away with it, keep doing it. It’s up to the refs to regulate that stuff.

SHARPE: The NFL has made a conscious effort. We're going to try to cut down on concussions, the helmet to helmet hits, the defenseless receiver. What’s your take on that?

URLACHER: I think it's bull. I don’t like it. What about a guy’s knee? You're going to miss a whole season with an ACL. I know the long-term implications are bigger for concussions. But it could be a big hit, but they're still going to throw a flag on you.

SHARPE: When you look at this team, they have the type of team that can go far in these playoffs. I think they’re the only team that can beat the Green Bay Packers.


(On Detroit Lions being a dirty team)
SHARPE: Yes, they are a dirty team. Any time a fight is involved with one team or another, it's normally the Detroit Lions. Now you know you're a dirty team. When you get your quarterback involved in a fine for doing something illegal. That's a dirty football team.

BOOMER ESIASON: Shannon, they're not a dirty team. They're just misunderstood. They haven't had a winning record since 2000. I would much rather be listed as a dirty team than the laughing stock of the NFL. They're finally back and relevant, and now all of a sudden we're starting to call them a dirty team.

(On Denver’s Kyle Orton)
BILL COWHER: If I’m John Fox, I put together a comeback package with Kyle Orton. Take Kyle Orton and use him because you’re going to have to get involved and throw the football at some point…You’ve proven right now, when the game is close, I’ve got a quarterback. But if I’m behind, (Tebow) can’t throw it. I get Kyle Orton and I get a comeback package and it takes the learning curve off of Tebow. So John Fox, get a good comeback package with Kyle Orton.

(On pressure being on Matt Leinart): There's always pressure. Every week I feel like my job is at stake, and every great player thinks like that. I'm not saying I'm a great player. I'm saying, if you want to be great, you think like that. There's no additional pressure. I strive to be the best me week in and week out. If we just continue that as as an offense, and our defense is playing lights out, right now. That helps any quarterback that's new or struggling.

(On Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers): Any quarterback that's a dual threat like that, he's mobile. He gets out of the pocket. It's just fun to watch. They have so many weapons, Jermichael Finley and everybody on that. The defense is playing. Charles Woodson is one of the best players to ever play the game. So I think that it's going to be tough to beat them.

SHARPE: I agree with you, Arian. When you play like Aaron Rodgers, because he's not having a great season. He's a great player. If he can play like this for many more years to come, I just don't see how somebody goes into Lambeau Field, because that's what it’s going to take, you have to go into Lambeau Field in January and beat them to go to the Super Bowl.

(On Buffalo Bills)
BOOMER: How pivotal is this game against Miami? They lose, they're not going to make the playoffs. They win - and they're in.

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