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WRGB changes mind, will show Bills-Jaguars

I just received the NFL games WRGB (Ch. 6) will air over the next two weeks, and there is good news for Buffalo Bills fans this morning – their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars WILL be shown here at 1 p.m. Sunday.

On Wednesday, the station said that it was going to televise the Indianapolis-Minnesota game instead of the Bills-Jaguars.

“I made the call, whether you agree with it or not, to carry the Indianapolis Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings,” WRGB general manager Bob Furlong said in a statement Wednesday night. “It’s never an easy decision, but I have to look out for all football fans in the Capital Region. It’s early in the season, and the Bills will be at the top of my list when the opportunity arises to air a game. Thank you.”

Furlong just e-mailed a new comment.

"This is a retraction of yesterday's e-mail," Furlong said. "Fred Lass, CBS6's chief engineer and huge Bills fan, who was born and raised in Niagara Falls, was in my office late yesterday crying. I and CBS cannot stand to see a grown man cry. So, CBS6 is going to carry the Bills game on Sunday 9/14 instead of the Indianapolis game. Please thank CBS for agreeing to make this last-minute change, and if you see Fred on Sunday, high-five him."

I would also bet the house that Bills fans made phone calls and sent e-mails to the station Thursday morning to get it changed.

WRGB will have the Patriots-Jets at 4:15 p.m. Sunday. Next Sunday, the station will have the Bengals-Giants at 1 p.m., and the Steelers-Eagles at 4:15 p.m.

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September 11, 2008
12:08 p.m.

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I have never understood why WRGB has to agonize over these Buffalo decisions!

I know there are also plenty of NY Jet fans in our neck of the woods ... and when both teams are playing at the same time and are having good years, it can be a tough decision to figure which game should be aired.

But in a situation where CBS has the double-header on a given Sunday, the Jets are playing at 4:15 p.m. .. why in THEE hell would you not choose the Buffalo game for the 1 p.m. slot? Why screw Buffalo fans for no good reason? Especially when the team is off to such a nice start?

Indy and the Vikings? How much local interest can there be here?

Fans of the NFC get the New York Giants every weekend, without fail. Even if the Giants are terrible, and there are really great match-ups, it does not matter. All football fans are stuck with the Giants, the "state" team.

Buffalo is also a "state" team.

By the way, if Buffalo was having a lousy year, and an Indy-Minnesota game the same weekend really meant something ... I'd prefer to watch the latter game.

If the Giants were 0-12, and a truly terrific game was on the NFC sled, you can bet we would still get the Giants.

September 11, 2008
3:30 p.m.

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Well, it's good to see CBS6 came to their senses....even if it took a grown man to cry. I agree with Ken that hundreds of Bills fans called or emailed and that probably had more influence on the decision than a sobbing station engineer.

September 11, 2008
10:12 p.m.

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Didn't the Times Union do a survey a few years ago and they said that the second most popular team in the Capital Region is the Buffalo Bills? For nine years, I would go week to week wondering if the Bills are going to be on local television. As you can see in this article, and my frustration, CBS 6 (and Fox) decision makers do not make logical decisions in picking NFL games. You have to wonder how the value of showing a wiped out game between Indy vs Vikings can be more than showing two good teams like the Bills and Jags.

To my other Bills Fans, I am taking advantage of the Capital Region's non NFL team region and bought the NFL Ticket. Even if the NFL Ticket is pricey, I am GUARANTEED TO SEE BUFFALO BILLS play on my television. The way I look at it, the price of the ticket is about the same as the bar tab I have to spend because the Capital Region won't put the Bills on local television. Plus, I get to decide what other games I want to watch and not be a slave to the Capital Region's political picks in worthless games.

Go Bills!

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