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Proctors intern grateful for experience

“What did you do during your summer vacation?”

Remember when the teacher would ask you that? In middle and grade school I would eagerly share the story of all the things that happened to me during our family camping trip. In high school, however, there would be an indifferent “work” or “not much” as my answer.

Now that I am headed to graduate school, I have long since accepted that summer vacations are behind me. However, I wish someone would ask me what I did over this year’s summer vacation -- because it was fantastic! I should be so lucky as to have every summer be like the one I had at

My story starts in January when I decided I wanted to go to graduate school for arts management. I sent an application to University of Buffalo and was accepted. Months passed before I started to really look into the program and when I did I found a very prestigious program with amazing teachers, challenging courses, and fellow students who seemed already amazingly accomplished in their field. Needless to say, I was a little intimidated.

I started talking to my favorite teachers about what I really wanted to do. With lots of encouragement, I made up my mind to “catch up” to everyone else in my graduate program by getting a summer job in my field –- no more retail. I figured the “real world” experience would help me become more confident as I go into the new school year.

During my job hunt I was lucky enough to email Proctors Marketing Manager Sara Hill; she told me that Proctors was in search of a marketing intern. After an online conversation and a follow-up interview in the Proctors boardroom, I found myself to be one of the two newest interns for Proctors
marketing department.

I was so grateful to be there and do the classic intern errands for everybody. But soon enough I was being asked to work on different projects and attend different events! I was so surprised that you could have knocked me over with a feather.

All of Proctors staff were so nice and had things for me to do. Working on and attending the League of Historic American Theaters conference, sitting in on conference calls, and going to weekly meetings made me feel like I actually worked at Proctors. Having the freedom to ask why something worked (or didn’t) and being able to see Sara and the rest of the Proctors staff work on the shows and events truly made this the best learning experience I could possibly ask for.

I will be sad to leave, but I could not have asked for a better summer. I will go off to school ready for the new challenges with my newfound confidence. I want to thank everyone I had the privilege of working with, especially Sara Hill, Peter Hughes and Thom O’Connor.

Now, should someone ask “what did you do this summer?” I will smile and tell them the amazing story of Emma the Intern and her memorable summer at Proctors.

Originally from Wynantskill, 22-year-old Emma Francis recently graduated from SUNY Oneonta. She heads to UBuffalo in the fall to a graduate degree before pursuing a career in arts management.

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