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Firm footing at Proctors

Farren Mion knows about the hundreds of people who pass through Proctors arcade every day -– all day. A principal of Anthony Mion & Son Inc., he witnessed the daily parade -– and ensuing questions -– as he and co-worker Varjan Lule worked to repair the damaged terrazzo on the 85-year-old flooring in Proctors lobby. The work took close to seven days and continued despite posted show times at all three Proctors stages. There was never a lack of onlookers and informal inspectors, he says.

In 1926, Anthony Mion started his tile contracting business in Schenectady. Today, Anthony Mion & Sons continues into its fourth generation, headed by business partner Bob Briski and sons Patrick and Farren. Patricia A. Mion and her late husband, Victor V. Mion, Jr., have been active supporters and contributors to Proctors for decades.

“We’re as much a Schenectady tradition as Proctors itself,” says Farren.

Most people don’t know what terrazzo is, says the easy-going, self-assured contractor. Even when he responded to questions from passersby about how the work in progress would look when completed, he says that some walked away sure that the floor and Grand Dame Proctors had been defiled.

“Creating terrazzo," says Mion, “is a multi-step process that is either unknown or puzzling to most people, who think that what they are walking on is marble. Properly installed and maintained, it has a shelf life that can easily exceed 60-70 years,” says Mion. “The original terrazzo at Proctors was poured in 1926 and we were challenged in determining what chip to use to achieve a near perfect match. No records existed on what was done then. Overall, we are happy with our “patch to match” so to speak. We expect the new work – like the floor before it – to withstand the test and footprints of time. ”

Anthony Mion & Son is part of a longstanding Proctors tradition: supporting those who support us in our efforts to preserve the best of Schenectady -- honoring a glorious past and safeguarding one of its most visible treasures for generations to come.

Thom O’Connor is a marketer at large and on the loose at Proctors.

To learn even more about Proctors, visit or click HERE.

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April 4, 2010
1:24 p.m.

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This is one of two installments on local craftsman and their contributions to Proctors. I have received comments in person and via my home email. I invite readers to post their comments here at the Gazette. The process may be new to some but it is as simple as typing your reaction to this blog. - Thom

April 4, 2010
10:54 p.m.

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Delighted to read about Proctor's. The article is very informative and hopefully the author will continue the intersting articles on the region and the people who work and live there!!! CAW

April 7, 2010
12:49 p.m.

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I love the way Thom writes- so folksy but accurate!! keep the blogs coming! AR

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