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Cold as Carol

In hindsight, all the signs were there that Carol had become cold blooded.

Last week she was chastising a little girl for not killing her dad and teaching kids how to use knives, so it shouldn't have been a surprise when she admitted in Sunday night's episode that she killed Dave and Karen. She has come a long way since we first met in season one of "The Walking Dead," when she was her husband's punching bag, or even the next season, when she was just whining about her missing daughter, Sophia.

Is the Darol dream fading??

If Sophia was missing now, though, would she even look for if it risked the group?

The change in Carol seems to fall the new mantra of farmer's daughter Beth, who can't stop talking about how everyone has a job to do. Unfortunately, Carol seems to have taken this a little far, as she assumes her job is to keep the camp safe by any means necessary. This was hammered home when Sheriff Detective Rick asked her if there was anything she wouldn't do for the people in the prison and her answer was a cold-blooded "no."

So was it a surprise? I guess.

The obvious choice was Bob Stookey, the prison newbie, although my prediction was Dr. Subramanian, for the same reason that apparently motivated Carol. I figured a doctor would be calculating about protecting the good of the entire prison population at the expense of two people who were already going to die.

The revelation that Carol was the killer probably shocked viewers more than it normally would because the episode, "Isolation," the third in the season, was pretty boring. Events included Hersel feeling useless and therefore risking his life, Tyrese failing to come to grips with the death of Angela, Michonne flirting with Daryl and a favorite cast member, Glenn, coming down with a case of the zombie flu.

"Indifference" is the next episode, the fourth of the season, when we'll return to Michonne, Daryl, Bob and Tyrese scrambling in the woods, Rick trying to retain order in the prison and most of the inmates dying of the zombie flu.

Two upcoming episodes in the first half of the season suggest the ideals espoused by Beth and demonstrated by Carol will again dominate the story. Episode six, "Live Bait, usually refers to sacrificing a few for the many, and episode seven, "Dead Weight," describes something that isn't of any use (and can be killed).

I wouldn't be surprised (SPOILER ALERT) if Rick loses a hand by the mid-season finale , based on the the name of episode seven.

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