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"Captain" reporting for duty, again

The next Captain America movie looks cool.

That may not be the most articulate thought I've ever composed, but it's my basic feeling about "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" after seeing the trailer, which is available below.

The first Captain America film with Chris Evans was surprisingly good, despite Hugo Weaving as a ridiculous villain. Evans worked as regular-America-loving Steve Rogers and his heroic alter ego.

This new film, which is the fourth sequel in the Marvel universe, with Iron Man getting two sequels and Thor getting one, appears to have the same heart as the first movie. (Editor's Note: The sequel references are based on the Marvel movies under the Disney umbrella, which doesn't include Fox films) Captain America, unlike heroes who fight for love or to save lives, fights for the American ideal of freedom, which appears to be his quest in this latest film.

Plus, it appears to be dark and gritty in all the right ways, as opposed to the recent "Man of Steel," which failed in its attempt to create dramatic stakes. The ability of the Captain America franchise to raise the bar is in part due to the character, an everyman, but is mostly due to the performance by Evans, who balances comedy and drama with ease.

The major change from the original is the setting, which has advanced 70 years. Now, instead of working for the Americans and the allied forces, Captain America is working for S.H.I.E.L.D.

A new addition to the franchise is Robert Redford, who plays Alexander Pierce, according to the movie's imdb page. He may be the underlying baddie in the movie, based on this line from the trailer: “To build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down. And that makes enemies.”

This would definitely run contrary to the mantra of Captain America and could set them on a collision course by the end of the movie.

I'm also excited for the film's addition of Anthony Mackie, who will look familiar to a lot of casual viewers. His character is listed as Sam Wilson / "The Falcon," on imdb, which based on a shot of someone flying in the trailer, probably means he can fly.

Anyway, like I said, this movie looks cool.
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