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No need to stay up until "Midnight"

Just because Twitter is great, doesn't mean there needs to be a show about it.

That's essentially the fatal flaw with Comedy Central's latest original programming, "At Midnight," a show that basically has three comedians commenting on posts in social media. The program is hosted by comedian and AMC go-to-host Chris Hardwick.

I gave the first two episodes a chance and can say confidently that I will never make an effort to watch the show again. It's not exactly bad, but there is no reason to watch it, when you can find the same snark whenever you want by looking at your phone or listening to a podcast.

The show does have some good moments, which are mostly born out of the fact that four comedians hanging out will inevitably make something stick.

My favorite line in the first two episodes wasn't anything a comedian said as part of the game show format, but was Hardwick's early greeting in the series premiere, when he said, "[At Midnight is] a show I am hosting that is oddly not about another show."

Guests on the show are not famous outside of the world of podcasts, Twitter and hip comedy scenes. In the first episode you'll recognize two people as guests on "Drunk History" and Doug Benson is a familiar talking head from VH1. By the second episode, the cast of competitors had become noticeably less famous, with only one face recognizable and one other person a familiar comedian name.

But if you're a fan of things like "The Nerdist," or even know what that is, this show is for you. If you've heard an episode of "Doug Loves Movies" or stayed up for Talking Dead/Bad, this could be your show. If you're a college kid avoiding studying and you need background ambiance this is for you. If you're passed out after "Colbert Report," then you might accidentally wake up and realize "At Midnight" is on.

A nice thing about the show is how arbitrary it is, with the scoring doled out at Hardwick's whim. This setup recognizes that it has a talented cast who need to run wild. Unfortunately, they're running in a small box and it never gets very far.

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