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"New Girl" is Batman

Michael Keaton is an underrated comedian.

And he's not just funny in recent comedic roles, like "The Good Guys," as "New Girl" proved on Tuesday's episode, "Keaton," that even his name is funny. The episode also successfully moved the plot out of the creative rut it was in for the last few weeks by pushing Schmidt completely over the edge and having him move out of the apartment, even if he did go just across the hall.

Creatively the show has been spinning its wheels since it headed down the ill-fated road of having Schmidt date Cece and Elizabeth at the same time. The result was a bad break up, which led him (for no good reason) to try to split up Jess and Nick and then go on an odd soul searching mission. It was all very unsatisfactory and required the writers to hit the restart button.

With the help of Michael Keaton, the writers successfully rebooted Schmidt and breathed new life into the show.

The episode, which is the show's Halloween episode, revolved around the gang trying to cheer up a depressed Schmidt. It was then revealed that Schmidt's mom and then Nick, had been pretending to be actor Michael Keaton and communicated with Schmidt over the years as a way to make him feel good. Jess tries to harness this power, but it eventually blows up and Schmidt learns he has no special connection with Keaton (a sad reality that every Beetlejuice fans reach at some point in their life).

Becuase the episode revolved around Halloween, we also go to see the characters in costumes. The funniest costume was Winston as David Letterman.

Speaking of Winston, the writers decided to tone down the crazy (or maybe just make it dormant for an episode). Although I'm inclined to think it just wasn't activated, because it seemed like it was there under the surface, when he sand about two notes in his "Carving a Pumpkin" song, which sounds like it has the same beat as his freestyling about puzzles.

While I'm happy that the show has torn down its bad work of late and is back to a solid foundation, I'm worried that will all be upended next episode with the return of Coach, the roommate played by Damon Wayans Jr., who left the apartment after the pilot and was replaced by Winston. A short-term visit could be amusing, but a longer run could be more confusing for the show, which needs to spend some time with the main cast getting to know itself.

How long do you think Schmidt will be out of the apartment?

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But not the confusing new [Batman movie], the good one

He’ll do anything Keaton says

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