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There will be blood on the "Boardwalk"

In technical terms, Sunday’s episode of “Boardwalk Empire” was the lull before the storm.

The seventh episode of the fourth season, "William Wilson," consisted mostly of moving chess pieces around the board in time for an explosion in the penultimate episode and a resolution in the finale. This relatively bloodless episode has raised the stakes for a show that set a high bar last season for carnage with Gyp Rosetti.

Violence will stem from the inevitable confrontation between Chalky White and Dr. Narcisse, who has been scheming since his first appearance on the show to muscle in on White's corner of the world in Atlantic City. With the revelation that White’s new love interest, Daughter Maitland, is (Surprise Surprise!) really a plant for Narcisse, it appears that White will be attacked from all sides. We already knew that his number two man was a turncoat, but it wasn't clear the most recent episode, when he turned the black community against Chalky, how Narcisse would use the internal sabotage to his advantage.

The strangest development came with the discovery that Maitland's connection to Narcisse stems from the fact he killer her mom. She describes the death, her mom was strangled to death, and a few minutes later Maitland is practically worshiping at the feet of Narcisse.

Continuing to be the most boring plot was Nucky's nephew dropping out of Temple. This youngster has been a stand in for Jimmy Darmody, who was like a son to Nucky and was killed by him in season two. Nucky has cut this whiny annoying haircut way too much slack and I hope he suffers the same fate as Jimmy.

Outside of Atlantic City, Al Capone is poised to rise to the throne he would later be famous for. He has been given a green light to kill his competition and his boss appears ready to go off into retirement.

In the world of federal law enforcement, J. Edgar Hoover has set his sights on Nucky, based on the urgings of an undercover Treasury officer. This could be a dicey proposition for Nucky, who has reservations about the undercover officer, but is being told by a cohort, who is apparently in the bag for the government, that the undercover is simply a corrupt cop and nothing else.

Back in Atlantic City, Gillian Darmody is continuing to play out her love story with Ron Livingston's character in the most boring plot line of the season, which continues the trend of nothing good being associated with the name Darmody.

Also on the back burner we have Nucky's Florida business dealings, Richard playing house and Michael Shannon wondering how he can get off this show.

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