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Parks and Rec: Gin it up!

Everything is better with Tatiana Maslany.

The breakout star of this spring, with her amazing performance on Orphan Black, was kind enough to elevate the latest episode of Parks and Recreations. But the show was back to its peak form on Thursday night even without the charming Canadian, who demonstrated such an easy ability to do comedy that I think she really must be a bunch of clones (watch Orphan Black and that will make sense).

Parks often struggles when it fails to find the right balancing act. Much like The Office, which often couldn't balance its large cast of stars, this show has the same problems, with some story lines either too crowded or unnecessary. This latest episode, Gin it Up, was a perfect recipe.

The central story revolved around ongoing effort to remove Leslie Knope from office. This was by far the least funny story line, but the hit-or-miss Jon Glasser delivered a hit with the instigating of Councilman Jamm. His self-proclaimed "witch hunt" and "media circus" was quite amusing, even if Leslie and Donna acknowledging they don't always get along was not. In fact, it raised concerns with me about how Donna hasn't killed Leslie already.

Mixed into this story line was a classic Perd Hapley moment, as his character was used to make fun of the media's habit of adding "gate" to any fiasco, cover up or controversy. He came up with the phrase, "Twitter Watergate," to my laugh out loud delight.

Also amusing was Ron Swanson getting a will. During this process we learned that Ron is extremely wealthy and that Adam Scott is absolutely hilarious as Ben.

This side plot wasn't too time consuming, or make a lot of sense, but it was the perfect third story. Plus it provided Ron's version of estate law, when he said, "I've had the same will since I was 8 years old. Upon my death, I will transfer all of my belongings to the man or animal who has killed me."

My favorite story line, and the one that drew out cries from my girlfriend because of her girl crush on Tatiana Maslany, was Tom Haverford's efforts to court Maslany's dry doctor character. At first he panics and speaks in a British accent, which I might have found annoying, but it was perfect. Tom then relied on bureaucratic incompetence to keep her in the office, as he tried on multiple outfits and offered daiquiris to entice her.

It took April, who my girlfriend also has a vocal girl crush on, to bring the odd pair together. She got Tom out of his way and secured him a date with Maslany's Nadia, who will be leaving the country soon (but such is the curse of a guest star and their limited arcs).

What did you think of Tom's effort s to woo Nadia? Like them together?
Also, are you excited for next week's episode, where we'll finally get the recall vote? Will Leslie stay or go?

Best Quotes

April: Parks can only be reserved for witch covens or slip and slide competitions. Which one are you?

Jamm: This will be blown way out of proportion! You have my word on that!

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