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New Girl: "The Box" recap

The latest episode of New Girl put a slight twist on the things couples fight about.

It's not money that can cause a screaming match, but a paper bag of money left by a dead father. The young relationship of Nick and Jess was put to the test again on Tuesday, but they came out on top by meeting in the middle.

When Nick receives $8,000 from his dad's estate his immediate reaction, to the dismay of Jess and expectation of Winston, is to start blowing it all on a shopping spree, which includes buying a picture of himself and shoes that aren't his size. He scoffs at the idea of putting the money into his first ever bank account, which he describes as a type of paper bag, and ultimately decides to give all the money away following some encouragement by Schmidt, whose character is still wandering aimlessly both breakup with Cece and Elizabeth.

Jess takes it upon herself to use Nick's money to help get his life in line. His life appears to be a mess, as he doesn't pay taxes and has a lot of bills that say "Final Notice." She begins paying his bills and taking care of other obligations that Nick has able to forget about by storing in a box.

This storyline was a little dismaying at first, because it highlighted why they shouldn't be together. And then they inevitably fight over their differences and I was predicting a stupid reconciliation, but the end was actually a nice bow on the episode.

After initially balking at Jess paying his bills, going through his box and never seeing things his way, Nick realized that he should do anything to make Jess happy. To make her happy, Nick is signing up for a bank account by the end of the episode, which is when Jess meets him halfway by throwing a tantrum over the $8 processing fee to start the account. The scene ends with the two making out and avoiding the processing fee, but that's just because bank officials are well known suckers for love.

In the pointless B story, a total waste of Jon Lovitz, Schmidt is trying to deal with the fact he isn't a good person. After failing to get assurances from the roommates that he is a good person, he seeks comfort from a rabbi played by Lovitz. Schmidt absorbs some cookie cutter lesson about being a good person by thinking about other people and is convinced he is a good person after saving someone's life.

But when Schmidt learns it doesn't matter if you're a good person, because bad things can still happen to you, he gives up on the whole idea. At no point, though, did we think he was motivated by a desire for good things to happen to him, so the twist makes no sense.

The painful storyline for Schmidt is nothing new for this season, which has been erratic at best. Schmidt's lack of any meaningful or interesting story really kills the identity of this show, which originally grew from out of his character's popularity.

The New Girl writers do seem like they figured out Winston, as for two weeks in a row he has played the wise black man at the end of the episode, this time telling Schmidt he is a good person or something. This trait is just the latest to be added to Winston, who is also bad at puzzles, loves his stolen cat and is good at basketball.

Highlights of the episodes include Nick mistaking "bobby pins" for "Bobby's pin" and Schmidt calling the "Heimlich maneuver" by the name, "Heimlich's maneuver," an obvious respect to the man's lifesaving idea.

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